Our Five Picks From 'Heuer 100,' Crown & Caliber's Online Auction Dedicated To Vintage Heuer

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Heuer Monaco Reference 74033N, 'Dark Lord'

The “Dim Lord” moniker of this Monaco comes from its secrecy look (which truly makes the orange hands pop). This watch is a head-turner, particularly in the condition in which it is offered here. The dark PVD is absolutely immaculate, and the sticker can in any case be found on the caseback! The situation of the crown is additionally exceptionally educational: situated on left side it would have shown a programmed development as found in the early Monacos, yet here it is on the correct side (situated between the chronograph pushers), demonstrating a physically wound type Valjoux 7740, utilized during the 1970s. The Dark Lord watches are very uncommon, given the complexity of applying the PVD covering to the precise Monaco case in those days. There are even gossipy tidbits than these never went past the model stage. Regardless, the end-product is hypnotizing and clarifies the enthusiastic after these Monacos have.

The gauge on this phenomenal Dark Lord is somewhere in the range of $43,500 and $50,800. For reference, the last one sold by Phillips  fetched 62,500 CHF (a cool $63,775 at season of sale).

Early Heuer Autavia Reference 3646, With Second Execution Hands

Another star part of this bartering is this Autavia reference 3646. It offers a fantastic dial with the trademark curiously large sub-registers of the early models. This first execution dial additionally offers the huge 6 and 12 numerals that would later vanish. The dauphine handset is sharp with a decent patina, while the irregular red seconds hand was reviewed by vintage Heuer master Jeff Stein. There are some minor scratches on the 12-hour bezel, however this must be normal from a piece created in 1963. Something else, the condition is quite fantastic, with obvious angles still noticeable on the screw-back case. 

Again, the uncommonness of this chronograph couldn’t possibly be more significant, which clarifies the $25,000 – $50,000 gauge on this ref. 3646 Autavia .

Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer Reference 2447

While the Seafarer doesn’t convey the Heuer identification on its dial, it was certainly coming off of the company’s creation line. To be sure, Heuer and Abercrombie & Fitch had a long-standing business relationship tracing all the way back to the 1940s; other than private-name chronographs, Heuer likewise offered some instrument watches committed to the way of life of Abercrombie’s energetic customer base. The Seafarer offers a flowing sub-register at nine o’clock that is worked by the small pusher on the left; this trademark additionally clarifies why this very watch was known as the Mareograph inside Heuer’s reach (marée significance tide in French). Delivered during the 1960s, the reference 2447 presents a case suggestive of the contemporary Carrera chronographs, while the dial moderated the format of the past emphasess of the Seafarer, which you can see over at  On The Dash .

The gauge for this Seafarer is $10,000 – $20,000. Note that the posting shows a broke gem and prompts the purchaser administration the changed Valjoux 72 development after purchase. 

Heuer 'Shauntavia', An Autavia Reference 73663 For The Kenya Air Force

The “Shauntavia” gets its peculiar moniker from a Heuer authority, who was the first to recommend that the lumed Arabic numerals were right for this abnormal Autavia. Unexpectedly, all the Autavia to at any point come with numerals rather than applied lists have a military past. One was embraced by the German armed force and the two others by Kenya’s Air Force, including this reference 73663. Not all Shauntavia experienced the Kenyan armed force, but rather those which had military inscriptions on the caseback, as “KAF” and the ID number. This current watch’s etchings are by and large present, right where they ought to be. The chronograph is fueled by the Valjoux 7736, which was utilized by Heuer during the 1970s when this manual-injury Autavia was released.

This Shauntavia is assessed at $7,500 – $9,000 and the posting incorporates extraordinary shots of the etchings and details.

Heuer Carrera 2447NST

The reference 2447NST isn’t the principal Carrera to show a tachymeter track on the external edge of its dial. However it presented differentiating sub-registers (on supposed second execution dials), here in a converse panda setup. This early reference obviously comes with the observed Carrera case with the faceted carries that present the 35mm defense look a lot greater on the wrist. A physically twisted Valjoux 72 type guarantees the chronograph capacities on the truly clear dial. It’s this combo that made the Carrera both a legend and a triumph (also apparently the most sultry group of vintage Heuer watches).

This Carrera is assessed at $6,000 – $12,000. Note the posting’s notice of the reseller’s exchange crown. It is anything but a major issue, yet you ought to be aware.

A live review of Heuer 100 will occur in New York on September 15, subtleties and RSVP  here . For additional, visit the authority Heuer 100 site .