Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 Meteorite White Watch Hands-On

Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 Meteorite White Watch Hands-On

Here is an intriguing watch that will no uncertainty be incredibly hitting home with a very specialty gathering of watch aficionados. It isn’t that the Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 item itself is a specialty advance thing (an incredible inverse really), yet rather this meteorite snowflake form of it will be among the more extraordinary and seemingly more intriguing variations. The Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 Meteorite is so uncommon, we saw it right around a year back it still isn’t on the brand’s site (at the hour of writing).

In the vintage watch world, the word “exotic” is utilized a ton, yet seldom clarified. As a general rule, extraordinary is utilized to portray a dial versus a whole watch. Indeed, not many genuinely extraordinary (from an absolute plan viewpoint) vintage watches are ever actually that well known (most are chuckled at – and maybe legitimately so). Is it truly obvious that all vintage watches appear to be identical and are exceptionally moderate in style? Obviously not. Individuals strangely fetishize a considerable lot of the most conventional, person on foot plans with regards to an extraordinary number of vintage watches. What frequently isolates a more “interesting” from “classic” watch are simple tones alone. It is, in this manner, the way that most “exotic” watches in the vintage sense are generally common or generally welcomed watches with various dials or potentially colors. This is probably just about as colorful as large numbers of the more traditionalist authorities appear to get (the extent that I see it). I once in a while wish I saw more “bravery” in watch tastes. However, I do regard not wishing to be fearless considering today’s prices.

On this note, you’ll comprehend what I mean when I say that this Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Meteorite white dial (appeared on aBlogtoWatch here) will be viewed as a future (just as a contemporary) fascinating dial for the Tonda 1950 assortment. Parmigiani in general is fantastic at making piece extraordinary or in any case uncommon forms of their watches, gradually cultivating the world with increasingly more fascinating watch dials (and they do make probably the coolest ones out there). This watch definitely knows its future (the one it expects) in light of the fact that it says “Edition Speciale” on the rear of the case, similarly as a decent container of tequila might.

Forget not that Parmigiani additionally makes this titanium-cased adaptation of the 39mm wide Tonda 1950 with other meteorite dial tones including dark and a metallic blue (which likewise comes in a gold case in the event that you like). This white-dialed model may be the pipsqueak of the litter, however it actually has potential when you need a light dial shading that isn’t dim. White-shaded meteorite isn’t common probably in light of the fact that seeing the dial subtleties isn’t as simple with the lower-differentiating shades of a white dial. In this way, it very well may be sensible for a watchmaker to not expect as much interest for an unobtrusive adaptation of a dial that individuals purchase for its visual pattern.

If there is something more Grand Seiko has shown us, it is that watch darlings, even today, love unpretentious subtleties on a dial that are not generally evident from a far distance. I’m discussing course of the Grand Seiko “Snowflake” dial, which is white with a light surface that is imperceptible from a couple of feet away. There will be those authorities who appreciate the appealing mathematical geology of cut meteorite, yet who simultaneously esteem a touch of attentiveness and protection. I’m not certain I could select that kind of individual from a group, yet I realize that they will generally be out there.

In truth, for comparison’s purpose we have a few pictures of the standard white (non-meteorite) dial steel Tonda 1950 watches (which cost practically half so much), and you can perceive how testing it is detect the distinction on the off chance that you didn’t understand what you were looking for.

This conversation is watch nerdery at its summit, and I’m OK with that. For what other reason do you purchase a $10,000+ watch in the event that you don’t fixate on its subtleties? I will, in any case, say that to some extent, the watch brands have constrained us authorities to be this hypercritical due to a particularly lethargic item invigorate cycle. Truth be told, compared to most, Parmigiani comes out with pristine stuff constantly. I do anyway imply that when new forms of the Tonda 1950 case come out, do they need to consistently be in similar get done with similar dial and some light changes, for example, materials? In the “vintage” long stretches of watches, doing stuff like that was practically common practice. I think more assortment among observes today (particularly selective extravagance watches), may loan itself well to more inspired shoppers because of the expanded degree of both assortment and rarity.

The motivation behind why the white meteorite rendition of the Tonda 1950 has genuine “exotic dial” potential is again on the grounds that the basic watch is so flexible in its utility. No, it isn’t a games watch or something your non-watch-intrigued companions would concur is a decent utilization of cash, yet it is a decent generally useful dress/formal watch. It likewise ends up coming from a fair brand, has a smooth plan, and when you flip the case over to flaunt the development – you never need to stress over resembling a modest bum. Parmigiani keeps on making really wonderful developments which are additionally pragmatic. This one has quite recently the time with auxiliary seconds, and is intended to be a generally slender programmed development because of the utilization of a miniature rotor.

The development is the in-house made Parmigiani PF701 that works at 3Hz (21,600bph) with a force hold of 42 hours. It won’t beat a Porsche in a quarter mile, yet it will look decent advancing toward the end goal. Notwithstanding having perfect itemizing on the dial, development, and case, did I notice that the case is in titanium? It would seem that steel yet is lighter and is more uncommon in a dress watch and you’d be excused for feeling that the case was steel, in view of how pleasantly Parmigiani shines it. Getting titanium to seem as though this is hard. I’m not even sure Grand Seiko would have the tolerance to get it this liquid (they are better at hard lines).

While I saw this watch actually, in the photos we have it in another group member’s wrist. I’m shocked at how similarly straightforward and furthermore rich the Tonda 1950 introduction is, while being a top of the line watch without assumption. This is Swiss tact at its best, so watchful it needs to really be brought up. I’m not even sure that I have enough motivation to wear a Tonda 1950 regularly enough to consider getting one presently, however models like this make me can’t help thinking about the amount I’d appreciate demonstrating it off to the perfect individuals. However, I’d need to say that the dark meteorite dial is for me (same titanium case) and I’m to a greater degree a dull dial dress watch kinda fellow (except if the dial is gold). Cost for the Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 Meteorite watch is $19,500.