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Photo Report: A Quick Look At The Unique Tudor Heritage Black Bay ONE Reference 7923/001 To Be Sold At Only Watch 2015 (Live Photos)

The 7923/001 is a genuine revamp of a recorded piece, which is really as opposed to the current Tudor Heritage line, which has always been something of a combination of a few verifiable pieces. The outcome for the Black Bay One is incredible, and it is an obvious sign that Tudor, and the crown that it secures, is giving close consideration to its past.

Have a gander at the bezel, for example, which is drained of the 1 brief hash showcases that we find on most Black Bays. You additionally see a red triangle that was found on early Submariners from both Rolex and Tudor.

We additionally see an arm band that does not highlight end-interfaces, a gesture to the wristbands of the 1950s and mid 1960s. This wristband was as of late utilized on the Heritage Ranger , and the look is simply fantastic.

The dial of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay One likewise emulates that of the mid 7923 consummately, and even the printing feels old, with a raised, finished surface. You will likewise see that this unique watch includes a candy seconds hand, something that isn’t found on some other at present delivered watches.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay One will come in a unique box, and be accompanied by two lashes not accessible on some other Tudor watches – a dim NATO-style tie and bothered brown-calfskin, single-piece strap.

As for the actual crate, you may see it below. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay One unique reference 7923/001 will be sold for charity in Geneva by the Phillips Watch Department during the 2015 Only Watch Auction. You may peruse more here .