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Photo Report: RGM Watches At The Balvenie Rare Craft Collection In New York City

Roland Murphy of RGM Watches.

For longer than a century, The Balvenie Distillery has made whisky the old way, remaining consistent with what they depict as their Five Rare Crafts. It ends up, watchmaking shares a ton for all intents and purpose with how whiskey is made. There are easy routes you can take, yet the conventional techniques actually are important today.

RGM carried a rose motor to the Rare Craft Collection to show how their dials and mainplates are designed. The rose motor work is so imperative to RGM, that the company purchased a more modest, compact rose motor explicitly to take out and about and show the art with. The mathematical work created was entrancing to see close up, in person.

RGM’s rose engine

RGM had a few watches at the show, including the new Caliber 801 with veneer dial , Caliber 20 with engine barrel, and the Corps of Engineers watch . Meeting Roland Murphy was extraordinary, his excitement for watchmaking was quickly clear, and seeing his rose motor work was fascinating.

For more information on RGM watches, visit their website .

RGM Caliber 20

RGM Corps of Engineers

RGM Caliber 801 Enamel Dial

Ian McDonald, cooper, working on a barrel.