Photo Report: The Horological Society Of New York's 150th Anniversary Gala

Charles Salomon, HSNY financier and individual, introducing the Howard Fass Award to Hans Weber, HSNY trustee and fellow.

As part of the night’s merriments, long-term HSNY part and trustee Hans Weber was given the Howard Fass Award. Mr. Weber has been a part for more than 50 years, and even went to HSNY’s 100th commemoration in 1966! With everything taken into account, it was an unfathomable evening, uniting an assorted gathering of authorities and industry experts to observe New York City’s horological tradition.

Additional photographs are accessible on HSNY’s site .

L-R: Michael Friedman, antiquarian at Audemars Piguet; Nicholas Manousos, HSNY VP; Jordan Ficklin, AWCI chief; Benjamin Clymer, author, HODINKEE; Charles Salomon, HSNY financial officer; Ed Hydeman, HSNY president.

The Chelsea Clock boat’s chime clock introduced to HSNY by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and Chelsea Clock.

Michael Friedman, history specialist at Audemars Piguet, addressing the crowd.

HSNY officials (L-R): Stephen Eagle, overseer of training; Edwin Hydeman, president; Nicholas Manousos, VP; Luke Cox-Bien, trustee; Hans Weber, trustee and individual; Michael Fossner, trustee; Charles Salomon, financial officer and individual; Daniel Mooncai, trustee.

Benjamin Clymer, HODINKEE author and publication chief, addressing the crowd.

Nicholas Manousos, VP of HSNY, introducing a declaration from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

L-R: Joe Poloso, HSNY individual; Charles Salomon, HSNY financial officer and individual; Hans Weber, HSNY trustee and individual; Walter Pangretitsch, HSNY recording secretary and individual; Arsen Manoukian, HSNY fellow.

Ed Hydeman wearing a Cartier Tank Basculante.

The German team “Jewel Chips” engaging the crowd.

Photos: Atom Moore

HODINKEE is a backer of the Horological Society of New York.