Photo Report: The Start Of Tour Auto 2016 (Cars, More Cars, And The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Edition)

Day 1: Public Day, Paris (Grand Palais)

The vehicles are left inside the Grand Palais, on the Champs-Élysées, briefly of extravagance. Together for the first and presumably the last time before they take the open street, Ferrari 275 GTBs blend with Aston Martin DB4 GTs and Porsche 911 STs. Their drivers, then, explore through the labyrinth they’ve made, champagne glasses close by, evaluating the competition. Many have partaken in past releases, and are back for the fun the unusual drive gives. During the night, we spot Richard Mille – a customary on the Tour – and his American ride, a 1963 Ford Galaxie. Zenith’s CEO, Aldo Magada, additionally showed up feeling great, presenting close to a red Jaguar E-Type from 1964.

Ferrari 275 GTB – 1965: Diego J. Ribadeneira et Helena Ribadeneira

Ford Galaxie – 1963: Richard Mille et Yvan Mahe

Ferrari 275 GTB – 1965: Stéphane Bonoron et Jean-Christophe Bonoron

Aston Martin DB 2 – 1950: Laurent Desplaces et Marion Desplaces

Porsche 911 RS 2.7L – 1973: Daniel Ascencion et Marie Jeanne Ascencion

Porsche 55RS Spyder – 1958: Jean-Philippe Grand et François Fayman

Porsche 911 2.5L ST – 1972: John Logan et Fred Hampton

A column of 911s

Ferrari 308 GR IV – 1980: Gérard LOPEZ et Cyril Abiteboul

Triumph TR3 – 1959: Stéphane Guyot-Sionnest et Marie Guyot-Sionnest

Day 2: Château de Courances – Beaune

It’s a 4:00 a.m. start for the majority of the teams today, as they need to drive their vehicles to the Château de Courances, approximately 50 kilometers outside of Paris, for the launch of the race. Yet, after a fast coffee, the unexpected thunder of the motors awakens the remainder of the French capital.

The pilots and their vehicles face their first enormous trial of the race, even before they arrive at the Chateau for the beginning of the debut leg. Will their motors run? Effectively, the fresh temperatures are two or three casualties on Day One. Be that as it may, the majority are well headed to Beaune. Unfortunately, our outing closes here this year. Here’s a gander at just a couple of vehicles we saw during our short stay in Paris.

The Watch: Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Edition (2016)

The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Edition (2016).

For its second continuous cooperation with the Tour, Zenith delivered another restricted release El Primero. Introduced in a 42 mm treated steel case, the watch receives the competition’s blue, white, and red attire, which goes through a material tie (a year ago’s was calfskin) and onto a rhodiumed dial. Next to no has been changed as far as the watch’s esthetics. Just the moment part ring has been updated, this time showing up in white to help up the dial. The watch is controlled by the high-recurrence El Primero 406, which beats at 36,000 vph (5Hz) and offers approximately 50 hours of force reserve.

The new El Primero Tour Auto Edition is given in a 500-piece uncommon restricted version. While it isn’t held for Tour Auto drivers, we saw numerous express genuine interest in the watch, which addresses a cool gift of their epic 2,000 kilometer journey.

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