Recapping 'The Geneva Watch Auction: Three' Sale At Phillips, Which Saw Three Lots Break A Million, And Welcomed A New Record-Setting GMT-Master

Lot 102: The Rolex Explorer Super Precision 5500 with Air King case. Sold for CHF 28,750.

The Big Three

Lot 135: Patek Philippe black dial Calatrava with Breguet numerals; Sold for CHF 1,445,000.

The story of the night was a lot of the quantity of watches that would break 1,000,000 dollars. Lots 135, 160, and 214 combined for an astounding CHF 4.3 million.

Lot 214: First-series, yellow-gold Patek Philippe 2499; Sold for CHF 1,685,000.

The top lot of the night was lot 214, the yellow-gold Patek Philippe 2499. I must admit, this yellow 2499 “first series” is quite possibly the most pristine 2449 “first series” I’ve seen – whatever the metal. It was purchased in the room by a youthful gentleman who’s tally of vintage watches just went up to one. Not a bad way to start an assortment. Where do you by any chance go from there?

Incredibly, the second highest winning offer of the day was not briefly repeater, a calendar, nor even a chronograph, however for a dazzling time-in particular. The exceptional reference 530 black dial Calatrava with Breguet numerals hammered in at CHF 1,445,000. Indeed, that’s almost $1.5 million for a period only!

Lot 160: Patek Philippe repeating perpetual calendar reference 3974. Sold for CHF 1,181,000.

Closing this platform of Patek Phillipe wristwatches was, in fact, a repeating perpetual calendar reference 3974 that checked in at CHF 1,181,000.

The Record Breaker

Lot 190: The Rolex reference 6542 Bakelite; Sold for CHF 341,000.

You’re taking a gander at the new record-holding GMT sold at auction. As it happens, you’re also taking a gander at the previous record-holding GMT sold at auction. This reference 6542 with completely intact cognac earthy colored hued Bakelite bezel made a triumphant re-visitation of the auction scene, seven years after its last and record-breaking bow. It was the subject of a serious offering war back at that point, which left the washout noticeably sore. He was back in the room today, more eager at that point at any point to get his hands on it, raising his paddle until the watch hit CHF 341,000. He left exceptionally happy.

The Khanjar Battle

Lot 170: The Royal Oak A-Series 5402; Sold for CHF 93,750.

One of the most interesting subplots of the night was the battle of the Khanjars – wristwatches bearing the traditional dagger, commissioned by the Sultan Of Oman. There were four: two yellow-gold Rolexes, one 6265 and one 1680; and two Gerald Genta plans. Eventually, it was the white delegated Jumbo Nautilus that took it by hammering in at CHF 635,000, narrowly edging the 6265 at CHF 605,000.

Lot 172: The Patek Philippe Jumbo Nautilus 3700/1 in white gold; Sold for CHF 635,000.

Our Picks

Lot 107: Platinum Rolex Day Date with azure blue Stella dial; Sold for CHF 70,000.

How did our team’s picks fare? Really well eventually. While our goal was not to anticipate the lots that would play out the best against their estimates, it’s always interesting to follow a lot from the first open review, all the way to “hammer time.” Cara’s “Azure Stella” starting things off pleasantly, hitting its high estimate at CHF 70,000.

Lot 174: Patek Philippe yellow-gold “Tiffany” minute repeater; Sold for CHF 22,500.

Jack Forster was also right on target. He called this minute repeating pocket watch from Patek Philippe “absolutely, decidedly, the watch to offer on in this auction,” for sheer horological value. Indeed, it was fast to reach and surpass its high estimate of CHF 18,000, and offering proceeded (however it eased back down past the CHF 20K). The triumphant offer was CHF22,500.

Lot 192: Rolex yellow-gold “Stelline” reference 6062; Sold for CHF 905,000.

If I’m honest, I was trusting my own pick, the “Black Stelline” star dial reference 6062, would break Patek Philippe’s stronghold on the platform. I certainly anticipated that it should reach its high estimate. Neither happened. Offering settled just shy of the seven-figure mark at CHF 905,000 – perhaps because authorities were told during reviews that the moon phase is a manufacture-made replacement. Perhaps also, because, regardless of the rarity of black dial variations of the 6062, the majority of gatherers prefer the more normal white dial variation .

Other Notable Lots

Lot 166 – Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, 16568, inside caseback stamped 16500, 18k yellow gold and diamonds, 1994; Sold for CHF 329,000.

Lot 166, a dazzling 18k yellow-gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 16568 with diamonds, sold for CHF 329,000 – triple its high estimate.

Lot 158 – F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain, Platinum, 1999; Sold for CHF 161,000.

Lot 158, the penultimate platinum F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain in platinum, sold for CHF 161,000.

Lot 159 – A. Lange and Söhne “Pour le Mérite”, 701.005, Platinum, Circa 1995; Sold for CHF 269,000.

Lot 159, the restricted version A. Lange & Söhne “Pour le Mérite” platinum tourbillon with chain fusée and power save, sold for CHF 269,000.

Lot 111 – Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, “The Copper-Tone”, 6241, 14k yellow gold, 1966; Sold for CHF 185,000.

Lot 111, a 6241 – probably the rarest reference of all Cosmograph Daytona models – with a perfect “Copper Tone” dial, sold for CHF 185,000.

Lot 106 – Double Swiss Rolex Submariner 5513. Sold for CHF 137,000.

Lot 106, a rare underline twofold Swiss Rolex Submariner 5513, sold for CHF 137,000.

Lot 109 – Rolex Anti-Magnetic 4768 sold for CHF 233,000.

Lot 109, the rare Rolex Anti-Magnetique 4768, made a strong case for two-tone watches, selling for CHF 233,000.

Lot 131 – Patek Philippe rare stainless steel anti-magnetic 3417, 35mm, presented in 1958; Sold for CHF 65,000

Lot 131, a rare stainless-steel anti-magnetic Patek Philippe 3417, ca. 1958, also performed strongly, going for almost twofold its pre-sale estimate, at CHF 65,000.

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