Recapping The Glamorous Day-Date Sale At Phillips (That Time The Average Day-Date Sold For $110,580)

Recapping The Glamorous Day-Date Sale At Phillips (That Time The Average Day-Date Sold For $110,580)

The return of Aurel Bacs to the commercial center was noteworthy. In complete honesty, tonight’s Glamorous Day-Date deal surpassed every one of my assumptions for eventual outcomes, with parcel no. 43 – the supposed ” Big Kahuna ” – selling for a totally mind-dissolving $507,000. For a Day-Date!

The cool Brooklyn Bridge sold for $327,000, which is only momentous for this watch. Also, by noteworthy, I mean truly absurd.

The “Emporer,” another strong platinum watch – one of eight in the world – likewise brought in $327,000 while a yellow-gold Day-Date with yellow Stella dial and precious stone markers finished out at $295,000 – for a yellow-gold Stella dial!

Overall, the deal sets a staggering point of reference for Day-Dates, with the cheapest parcel selling for 20,000 CHF, undeniably more than quite a few high-end Day-Dates accessible available. Further, it approves the thematic idea and Mr. Bacs’ situation within the watch world as a genuine market pioneer, regardless of his 18-month nonappearance. While the buzz didn’t match that of his amazing Daytona Sale at his previous manager, these outcomes are nothing short of bewildering. Will this deal change the Day-Date market? It is impossible to say, as the Day-Date has a much more restricted allure than most other Rolex models and it should be noticed that it showed up as though a critical level of the parcels – all of which sold – were headed to similar little handful of individuals.

Either way, Aurel Bacs’ re-visitation of watches gives a much required flash to the market and I accept all watch sell off houses will benefit from the fervor. Tomorrow evening, Phillips will get back to complete its underlying deal with the multi-owner lots.

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