Recommended Reading: A Former Apple Executive Warns Swatch Against Making Its Own OS

Recommended Reading: A Former Apple Executive Warns Swatch Against Making Its Own OS

Apart from the Frederique Constant Group/MMT association , the response a few conventional watch brands to goliath tech companies creating items that sit on our wrists has been to join forces with other monster tech companies and utilizing working frameworks created by them. In the wake of fiddling meekly with keen innovation, LVMH and Richemont have put their full weight behind wearables with the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 and the Montblanc Summit , the two of which utilize Google’s most recent OS, Android Wear 2.0. Both are huge watches, however they’re so far the closest the Swiss have come to truly testing the Apple Watch (and regardless, really testing Apple may not be what they truly have at the top of the priority list anyway).

However, there’s one watch combination that hasn’t presented a smartwatch (yet). We are as yet sitting tight for the Swatch Group to react and when it does, it will do it with no assistance from an external perspective (of Swiss boundaries, at any rate). Scratch Hayek, the Group’s CEO, as of late declared that Swatch would band together with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) to compose its own OS, and one that won’t require ordinary updates. 

That’s a horrendous thought, as indicated by Jean-Louis Gassée. The previous Apple leader knowns some things about creating tech items the public needs, and cautions Hayek and Swatch that competing with set up smartwatch players will be a lot harder than competing with Japanese quartz. 

In an open letter, Gassée uncovers his profound respect for Swatch’s methodology during the 1980s, reviews the Group’s uncomfortable relationship with low tech wristwatches and the brief SPOT-controlled Swatches in the noughties, lastly, plays optimist (his words, not mine), and attempts to offer some guidance. It’s a useful and engaging read to commence what I am certain will be a fascinating week for wearables with regards to Basel.

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