Reference Points: The Complete History Of The F.P. Journe Tourbillon, As Told By Francois-Paul Journe Himself manual for the-first f-p-journe-tourbillon.html” target=”_blank”> SJX has given some great data on numbering – with 1-20 clearly being Souscription watches (Series 1), yet his article expresses that by watch number 37, we are now on to age three. This would imply that, truth be told, the subsequent age dial is more uncommon than the Souscription pieces. I can say that in investigating this story and pulling images, I had the option to discover stock photographs of the Souscription piece number 20/20 through Antiquorum’s information base, however I couldn’t discover any photographs of a subsequent age watch there. Fourth era watches are by a long shot the most common and can be had for moderately minimal expenditure (comparatively talking). In any case, when you consider that there are generally just 350 reference T watches, period, and that incorporates the 99 ruthenium pieces, you need to think about how long these watches will stay sellable in the $80,000 to $90,000 territory. Regardless of the age, a reference T watch is, as far as I might be concerned, an incredible piece of top of the line watchmaking that wears magnificently and offers a genuine feeling of event and feeling to its proprietor. Coincidentally, don’t you have a totally different appreciation for the third era watch with rose gold dial that William Massena showed us ?

Rare third era watch with rose gold dial – property of William Massena.

As consistently, the idea of free and hand-made watches implies that nothing is a precise science. Furthermore, similar to I referenced above, appreciation for Journe watches and his showstopper in his tourbillon wristwatch is as yet in early days. As our own enthusiasm for his work extends, I completely expect there to be more data made accessible to us as a gathering community. I will give a valiant effort to stay up with the latest as this happens.

Speedy Reference Guide

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Here is a speedy reference direct for all F.P. Journe tourbillons. This ought to be of extraordinary help as you start your own interest and investigation of these awesome watches. 

Unique Thanks And Credits

This story and video would not have been conceivable without the assistance of Mr. Pierre Halimi of Montres Journe, America, Paul Lerner of Optimist Consulting, and, obviously, Mr. Francois-Paul Journe himself. Extra attributes are because of the awesome independently published book F.P. Journe: The First 30 Years by Kiran Shekar (an absolute necessity read on the off chance that you don’t have a duplicate), SJX’s extraordinary post on the early dial contrasts , and Felipe Jordao’s post here .

Further Reading And Viewing On F.P. Journe

The Chronomètre Bleu isn’t a tourbillon, however it sure is beautiful.

F.P. Journe is a little brand, delivering only around 900 pieces each year. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on them – click here to perceive what Journe watches are sold today . Moreover, we have created a modest bunch of unique highlights and recordings on the enchantment that is Journe and we urge you to glance back at them. Snap on the titles underneath for a much more profound investigate the universe of F.P. Journe.

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