Results And Thoughts On Christie's Rare Watches Sale, Including Strong Results For Breguet And A Time-Only Patek Philippe 1503

Lot 217: The Havas Equation of Time pocket watch made by Breguet in 1800; sold for CHF 3,245,000.

And it just continued improving for Breguet, with an extraordinary outcome for the champagne dial triple schedule and moon stage. No. 1039 was an early champion, and my own pick of the list , yet while I was certain it would draw in incredible interest in Geneva, I didn’t figure it would bring more than 10 times its high gauge (selling for CHF 137,000), conveniently beating the other Breguet-marked triple schedule (CHF 75,000) everybody anticipated that collectors should battle about simultaneously. Obviously, it just takes two difficult gatherers to drive up the cost of a lot, yet extraordinariness and condition are behind this solid execution. Also, since Breguet’s assortment isn’t too archived as Patek Phillipe’s, Audemars Piguet’s or Vacheron Constantin’s, authorities will in general bounce when an uncommon reference appears. Vintage Breguet is on the up.

Lot 130: A Breguet Triple Calendar Chronograph; sold for CHF 75,000.

Lot 131: A champagne dial Breguet Triple Calendar; sold for CHF 137,000.

Make no error however, Patek Philippe complications keep on decision the sale market – regardless of whether it was a period just that captured everyone’s attention. Seven of the best 10 outcomes in the Christie’s sale had a place with Patek complications, and all brought over their evaluations. Amazingly, the extraordinary tempered steel area dial reference 530 completed most grounded, understanding an absolute cost of CHF 1,205,000 against a high gauge of CHF 800,000. The Dual-Crown World-Timer Reference 2523/2 – picked by Jack Forster during our bartering sneak peak – followed not far behind with a last cost of CHF 1,121,000.

Lot 171: A treated steel Patek Philippe reference 530 retailed by Astrua Torino; sold for CHF 1,205,000.

Lot 117: Patek Philippe Dual-Crown World-Timer reference 2523/2; sold for CHF 1,121,000.

Perpetual schedules likewise had incredible outcomes. Another record for white-gold reference 3448 was set by an uncommon model with an internal confronting date ring and an Aprior dial (selling for CHF 629,000), while the reference 2499 affirmed its suffering allure, 24 hours after another model broke the million dollar mark , with this model selling for CHF 965,000.

Lot 208: A Patek Philippe reference 3448; sold for CHF 629,000.

Lot 174: A Patek Philippe reference 2499; sold for CHF 965,000.

The “other” Patek Philippe advancing into the best 10 was a period in particular, tempered steel Patek Philippe with a dark dial and Breguet numerals. Sound natural? Another, introduced by Phillips just a brief time before the Christie’s deal had gotten the features when it pounded in for an astounding CHF 1,445,000 (counting purchaser’s premium).

No question, somebody had seen that, and thought the $30-50k

gauge of this Calatrava-cased reference 1503 out of nowhere appeared to be a

deal. Eventually, lot 59 sold for CHF 329,000 (generally $338,000 all

in). In comparison, a silver dial 1503 sold for CHF 20,000 ($20,544). However

the huge takeaway is that treated steel, time-just Patek Philippe

is au gout du jour – with solid exhibitions somewhere else by this reference 3417 Anti-Magnetic and other 1503s over the course of the end of the week.

Lot 59: A hardened steel Patek Philippe reference 1503 with Breguet numerals; sold for CHF 329,000.

Meanwhile, Rolex’s top lots were the exquisite “John Player Special” Cosmograph (CHF 305,000) and the reference 6200 with 3-6-9 Explorer dial (CHF 293,000) – the two watches affirming that condition and shortage stay the core value for major collectors.

Lot 271: A Rolex “John Player Special” Newman; sold for CHF 305,000.

Lot 272: A mint condition Rolex reference 6200 with 3-6-9 Explorer dial; sold for CHF 293,000.

One of the greatest shocks of the day must be an early pass on a very uncommon (one of just ten) Audemars Piguet Triple Calendar Chronograph with moon stages. As indicated by Audemars Piguet history specialist Michael Friedman, the sub-registers gave indications of reclamation, and the brand encouraged gatherers to remain away.

Lot 58: An extremely uncommon 1940s Audemars Piguet Triple Calendar Chronograph.

In other news, the previous closeout allowed us the chance to find a pocket watch included quite recently on HODINKEE. Also, I need to say, the Art Deco pocket watch – when part of the Jean Dollfus assortment – glanced surprisingly better in the substance. Eventually, it didn’t follow the model set by lots 123 and 131, coming up somewhat shy of its low gauge – selling for CHF 27,500. Whoever got it got a bargain.

Lot 121: Breguet No. 1285 pocket watch with hop hours and meandering minutes; sold for CHF 27,500.

At the day’s end, the deal absolute came to CHF 18,397,125 (counting purchaser’s premium). For all the outcomes from the sale, click here .

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