Richard Mille RM53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough Watch Hands-On

Richard Mille RM53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough Watch Hands-On

Thus far at SIHH 2018, no other watch has given me (and some others on the aBlogtoWatch group) to a greater degree an instinctive reaction than the provocative and costly new Richard Mille RM53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough watch. Amusingly, neither the near 1,000,000 dollar cost nor the fiercely nitty gritty and noticeable development are liable for the feeling of “watch lust” I encountered. It additionally isn’t the RM53-01’s cordial shading combination or present day, manly look that are the primary concerns of my core interest. In truth, the RM53-01 is correctly the kind of watch we anticipated from Richard Mille at the show.

All pictures by Ariel Adams

More fascinating for me is that I have no specific commonality or interest in the game of polo –for which the Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough was imagined to endure. This is really the second (and seriously fascinating) polo watch Richard Mille delivered as a team with the famous South American polo player. Mac Donough’s first watch by Richard Mille was additionally intended to endure impacts common in the forceful equestrian game. The primary watch was primarily shrouded in titanium with just little windows for the time and a perspective on the tourbillon. For the RM53-01 it was a particular point by Richard himself that the development be entirely noticeable. So by what other method would you be able to ensure against impacts while likewise permitting one to appreciate the development? Richard Mille endeavors to viably respond to this inquiry in two ways.

The first route is to join a rendition of their development suspension link framework. Presented in a prior Richard Mille watch for tennis player Rafael Nadal, the development suspension framework utilizes a progression of two minuscule metal links on 10 pulleys and is held tight by four “suspensioners” to suspend the generally titanium physically twisted tourbillon-based development. In this way, links assimilate a ton of the stun that the watch may insight whenever thumped around. As opposed to actual stun going into the development and likely breaking it, the link framework assimilates a decent arrangement of risky vibrations. Perceiving how cool the small links are to see is another joy unto itself.

Second, unexpectedly Richard Mille has built up a watch with a covered sapphire gem. The idea is like how wellbeing glass for vehicles functions. There are two bits of sapphire precious stone, which are overlaid along with a reasonable cement film. Just by taking a gander at the RM53-01’s gem you wouldn’t realize anything is diverse about it –but then, it’s maybe perhaps the most solid, too costly watches available.

Wearing the RM53-01 on your wrist affirms exactly how significant weight (or the scarcity in that department) is for extravagance watches today. Indeed, the sensation of a substantial gold watch is still a lot of genuine, however with regards to extraordinary game watches shoppers need execution. In numerous occurrences superior game watches profit by being light. In addition to the fact that they are difficult to see on your wrist, however for a requesting competitor, eliminating all additional weight can mean the contrast among winning and losing. Richard Mille isn’t guaranteeing record-setting softness for the RM53-01 (they have different models for that), yet I can disclose to you that notwithstanding the moderately huge size of the watch, it has an amazingly light touch and feels like basically nothing is on your wrist while wearing it.

It isn’t difficult to respect the watch off your wrist all things considered. Richard Mille again utilizes TPT carbon for the case material, which is a layered type of carbon that is tough and truly gorgeous. The RM53-01 case is 44.5mm wide, 49.94mm tall (drag to-haul) and 16.15mm thick (water-impervious to 50m). The complicated case configuration blended in with the fascinating tie framework (with the compelling however amusingly non-extravagance Velcro conclusion framework) makes for an adept edge to flaunt the balanced and outwardly captivating in-house movement.

Powering the watch is a physically wound tourbillon-based development which offers simply the time. It works at 3Hz and has around two days of force hold. As I said above, the vast majority of the development spans are in titanium, and the plan of the development is incredible in light of the fact that Richard Mille made a special effort to make it balanced, just as a stronghold of fine subtleties for us horological aficionados out there.

What sells the RM53-01 is its persevering after of Richard Mille’s fundamental beliefs that make current extravagance sports watches energizing and new. It is an exceptionally fun toy with a value that will leave a large portion of us feeling like regardless of how great we have been, truth be told, extremely rich young men will take a seat at Richard Mille’s table and offer his creations.

Limited to just 30 pieces, Richard Mille will no uncertainty present the innovation and materials from the RM53-01 into future watches. This incorporates the recently overhauled link suspension framework, obviously the overlaid, layered “safety” sapphire gems which are bound to have application in significantly a greater number of settings than just polo match-ups. Why polo for the present? It’s a game that rich supporters will in general follow, just as a conventional method to assess how rough a watch is. Recall that the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was initially planned as watch to be worn while playing Polo. While Richard Mille is doing polo looks as they would prefer (for example they should contain a tourbillon), their endeavors are effortlessly recognized when compared to the remainder of the very good quality games watch pack. All the more in this way, the excellence is that not normal for the past Pablo Mac Donough watch, the RM53-01 is flexible and doesn’t require a comprehension of the game to adore its intriguing blue and flickering dim case alongside its fine subtleties and unpredictable development. Cost for this uber cool restricted version piece of haute horology is $900,000