Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR ‘Root Beer’ Watch Hands-On

Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR ‘Root Beer’ Watch Hands-On

It has required five long years, yet Rolex has at last given us a treated steel GMT-Master II with a red and blue Pepsi Cerachrom bezel . Alongside that, Rolex additionally gave us two new GMT-Master II watches with dark and earthy colored bezels that, as I would like to think, are more significant and newsworthy. This is your involved report of the new Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126711CHNR “Root Beer.”

All pictures by David Bredan & Ariel Adams

The new GMT-Master II Reference 126711CHNR is essential a few reasons. To start, this is the first run through Rolex has utilized Everose gold for the GMT-Master II. Furthermore, this is the additionally the first occasion when that Rolex has delivered a dark and earthy colored Cerachrom bezel. The general outcomes are very shocking, however more on this later, we should discuss the determinations of the watch.

The case has been marginally overhauled on the flanks and on the hauls to permit Rolex to enhance the cleaning cycle. Rolex says the carries are more keen and the case sides are more splendid, yet I figure a great many people should squint to differentiate. Case width stays at 40mm and water obstruction, on account of the Triplock crown, is likewise unaltered at 100m.

The Reference 126711CHNR comes with an Oyster-style wristband with cleaned focus joins made out of Everose gold and brushed side connections made out hardened steel. It is very much created and is outfitted with the natural Oysterlock collapsing fasten and Easylink expansion. The Easylink expansion is a splendid contraption that allows proprietors rapidly to grow the arm band by around 5mm. This is a lifeline, particularly on the off chance that you end up living some place that has a tropical climate.

The feature of the case is the dark and earthy colored bi-shading bezel. Like the beat up bezel of the Reference 116710BLNR from 2013, the bezel must be found in the substance to be appropriately valued. Not at all like the Pepsi Cerachrom bezel, which is obviously blue and red. The earthy colored and dark “Root Beer” bezel is more unique. Under direct light, the earthy colored segment of the bezel pops and shows up practically like nectar, and this complements the Rolesor wristband well overall. Under dimmer conditions, the earthy colored area shows up more curbed and nearly mixes with the dark segment of the bezel. This makes the Reference 126711CHNR more fascinating to take a gander at and wear.

The other thing that makes this reference interesting is its dial. The dial is dark however it separates itself with its 18k gold hour markers and hands. Indeed, even the GMT-Master II phrasing at 6 o’clock is in gold. Generally speaking, the look helps me to remember the overlaid dials of vintage Rolexes. This makes the Reference 126711CHNR exceptional among different GMTs as they have white gold markers and hands. All the more significantly, the gold markers and hands when combined with the dark and earthy colored bezel and Everose case and arm band, give the Reference 126711CHNR a warm look and feel to it. It nearly causes you to feel fluffy inside.

There’s a similarly enormous change inside the watch. Gone is past Caliber 3186 and in its place is the new Caliber 3285. This new development includes Rolex’s new Chronergy escapement and an any longer and functional force hold of 70 hours. This implies you can put the Reference 126711CHNR away on Friday night and it will in any case be running when you lash it on Monday morning. It additionally meets Rolex’s new ‘Standout Chronometer’ testing, thus it is exact to ±2 seconds a day and comes with a 5-year long guarantee. Like any obvious GMT watch, the hour hands can be set freely as you traverse time regions without influencing timekeeping.

So, before you run out and put your name down for that new tempered steel ‘Pepsi’ GMT-Master II, pause for a minute to compose yourself and consider the new Reference 126711CHNR. As I have clarified above, it is, from various perspectives, more unique than the new treated steel Pepsi GMT that everybody can’t quit discussing. The Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126711CHNR is estimated at $14,050.