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Seven Years After Launch, The Thousand Watch Project Is Completed And Headed To The Smithsonian

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Each watch got a memorial from its proprietor – going from the wistful to the silly.

The project urged individuals to give their wristwatches, each leaving a short depiction of how that watch affected the individual. A portion of the depictions were smart and wistful, portraying its place in a people life – others were enchanting and entertaining, jabbing fun of exes and sweethearts, and the existence botches we’ve all made.

In entirety, the Thousand Watch Project is an awesome glance at what a watch can intend to an individual – without costing much by any means – and we are pleased to say that at this moment, it is gone to the Smithsonian where it will live for eternity.

The Thousand Watch Project leaving Boston for the Smithsonian.

On a more close to home note, the Thousand Watch Project was quite possibly the most critical ventures I shrouded in the initial a half year of HODINKEE ( see the article here ), and I am excited to say that the watch I gave seven years prior – one of the primary watches I at any point claimed – is incorporated and will likewise live in the Smithsonian. Recollecting that time, and the depiction I wrote in November of 2007, is much more important now.

To read more about the Thousand Watch Project, and possibly locate my own watch, click here .

(Hint – mine can be seen somewhere close to #400 and #500.)