Six Italian Vintage Watch Dealers To Follow On Instagram

1. Elvio Piva of Tempus Orologi

Elvio Piva is located in Padova, Italy, and practices, I’d say, in Daytonas and other vintage Rolex. He generally has an intriguing load of manual chronographs, an intermittent Royal Oak, and then some. He and his dazzling little girl, who you can likewise discover on Instagram , run a clean shop of fascinating old watches. Their site is here , and you can track with here .

2. Stefano Franceshetti

Stefano is more current to the vintage watch game, yet he’s one of my top picks therefore. He’s a youthful person, and has uncommon taste, as you can see by the mryiad of multi-scale chronographs seen on his Instagram. He doesn’t have a site, nor a shop, so IG is his selling vehicle. His English is positively not familiar, but rather he’s a warm and well disposed person for certain great watches. Track with here .

3. Watches In Rome

Watches in Rome is one of the more internationally settled Italian vintage watch vendors, and we’ve featured them before,  here . Run by two siblings and their fathers – the De Simones – you’ll see a wide scope of fascinating Pateks and Rolexes, among others. Their site is here , and you can follow them on Instagram here .

4. Just Vintage/Corrado Mattarelli

Only Vintage is controlled by notable Italian seller Corrado Mattarelli, one of the more amiable folks in the game. Corrado has a wide scope of vintage pieces from Patek and Rolex to the more dark brands like Breguet and Universal. He has recently opened up a retail store in Monaco, runs a site here , and you may follow his Instagram here .

5. Davide Parmegiani

There is anything but a greater part in the vintage watch game than Davide Parmegiani. He is one of the genuine firsts, and is all around viewed as the ultimate market creator. There are likely in excess of a couple multi-million dollar watch from the previous few years that, at some point, gone through Davide’s hands, which makes it all the really astonishing that he’s as of late accepted the web as a selling vehicle. He is close with a considerable lot of those anonymous European uber authorities that couple of us at any point run into, and has helped sorted out a significant number of the world’s biggest and most significant assortments. You can follow his own Instagram  here , his site here , and his new authority account here .

6. Alex Ciani

Alex Ciani was brought up in Italy, yet has since relocated to Los Angeles. This implies he is one of the uncommon US-based vendors that has normal and profound connections to the Italian watch world in a manner the American sellers don’t. He doesn’t have some expertise in any one territory specifically, yet he gets some evident pearls. You can follow his site here , and his Instagram  here .