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TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph Watch Hands-On

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph Watch Hands-On

A 55 year anniversary isn’t generally celebrated it could be said, yet that hasn’t prevented TAG Heuer from utilizing it to commemorate the furthest down the line expansion to what exactly is seemingly the motorsport watch of the twentieth century, and the brand’s most verifiably critical assortment: the Carrera. Yet, don’t get too hung up on the meaning of the commemoration, as this TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 16 Chronograph is totally a delivery worth focusing on, and one of our number one game watches on the show floor along these lines far.


Now, should simply move all the standard pertinent banalities at the present time, as there are positively a few that apply on the 55th Anniversary Carrera. Stuff like “pictures don’t do it equity,” “wears less than the specs propose,” and the exemplary “punches well over its weight,” all function admirably here. Especially with the last mentioned, as a significant number of TAG Heuer’s cutting edge cases show cool surfaces, angles, and differentiating completes that aren’t frequently seen around this value point, and are in every case best appreciated close by. It’s completely done on a somewhat more unobtrusive degree than the more self-assured Cal. 16 Carrera Day/Date, which wears enormous for its 43mm spec, but at the same time is a touch excessively occupied for some preferences.



Then there’s the size – at 41mm, its moderately short haul to-drag estimations and meager outline are all that we wished 2017’s Heritage Autavia was. In conclusion, while cost will consistently stay however abstract as it seems to be contentious, $4,350 gets you all the outer decorations, yet at the same time a full $1,000 not exactly the previously mentioned Autavia, which came furnished with an in-house produced Heuer 01 chronograph development. The Caliber 16 probably won’t come with the equivalent in-house cachet, however has for some time been a demonstrated and very effective ETA 7750 clone, so there’s that.


Clad in matte blue or dark, with differentiating white subdials, cream-hued glowing records, and either red or orange accents, the 55th Anniversary Carrera breaks a specific “three-shading” rule, however disarmingly so – all things considered, rules are intended to be broken, correct? It simply works here – and like the Tudor Heritage Chronograph from 2013 , it’s a certain charmer, however undeniably more comfortable on the wrist. It’s the sort of watch that simply asks for a little customization as a chocolate earthy colored Barena calfskin lash, or dressed down in something somewhat lighter – like a caramel-hued nubuck with apparent stitching.

The final product is a young, though profoundly wearable game watch that doesn’t cling to the codes of its vintage source material too truly, making it an exceptionally keen differentiation to the occupied, super current Cal. 16 Carrera at present on offer. It’s additionally a decent compromise between the previously mentioned, and a year ago’s Autavia, which eventually felt somewhat calm as it diverted a more genuine vintage stylish. Yet, like the wide allure and resulting quick development of the advanced Aquaracer assortment, betting on the this Anniversary Carrera Cal. 16 version as a potential branch would be a decent one.


As referenced, the TAG Heuer 55th Anniversary Carrera Cal. 16 beginnings at $4,350 on a punctured ‘rally style’ cowhide lash, and leaps to $4,500 on the three-interface arm band. tagheuer.com