Talking Watches: With Alton Brown

Talking Watches: With Alton Brown

Alton Brown picked six of his number one watches to carry with him to HODINKEE HQ, five of them being divers.

Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542

Alton’s decision while flying? A GMT-Master, of course.

Alton Brown isn’t just a TV host, maker, and creator, yet in addition an authorized pilot. The GMT-Master is a conspicuous decision for him, and it’s a watch he tries wearing while at the same time flying. This early reference 6542 was overhauled from the beginning by Rolex, and as such has become an undeniably more wearable rendition of this generally more delicate and radium-filled reference.

Rolex Submariner Reference 1680 'Red Sub'

This reference 1680 Red Sub has a superb worn look to its bezel and obscured dial.

This 1680 “Red Sub” is one of Alton’s top choices in light of the unimaginable ghosting to the bezel and the profound blurring to the markers on the dial. It’s probably just about as extensive as he’ll go as far as watch size, yet he adores it, and to me, it’s an ideal illustration of something that makes Submariners such a lot of amusing to gather – they truly show what kind of life they’ve led.

Rolex Submariner Reference 6205

The reference 6205 was among the principal Submariners, and utilized a more modest case than we see today.

Growing up during the 1960s, Alton was entranced with two things: investigation of room and profound plunging. The Submariner – a pillar, he says, of the culinary world – is ostensibly the most original of all plunge watches, so it’s an absolute necessity have. This model is a reference 6205 and he enjoys it for its little crown, thin case, and overlaid dial. He frequently wears this watch with a suit.

Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster

This watch was made in the time of Alton’s introduction to the world, and was given to him by a family member.

This Nivada Grenchen is a wistful top pick for Alton on the grounds that it was made the very year he was conceived – 1962 – and it was given to him by a relative numerous years prior. The case is something of a “infant Panerai” shape and this specific dial is fascinating a result of its deco, nearly “Pac-Man” looking numerals.

Tudor Submariner Reference 7021 'Snowflake'

The Tudor Snowflake Sub is a steady companion while traveling.

Alton has a self-portrayed soft spot for Tudor, which he sees as the more imaginative younger sibling to the senior and more moderate Rolex. This reference 7021 he cherishes for its blue dial and snowflake hands, and however it initially accompanied a cyclops on the precious stone, he lean towards it without. This Tudor Sub is one Alton regularly wears while traveling.

Omega Seamaster Chronostop Owned By His Father

This Omega Chronostop had a place with Alton’s dad and following quite a while of being separated, he had the option to discover it on Ebay and take it back to life.

This needs to go down as the most extraordinary story we’ve heard taking all things together four years of Talking Watches. This Omega Chronostop had a place with Alton’s dad, and was on his wrist on the day that he died in 1973, when Alton was only 10 years of age. Alton’s mom ultimately gave Alton his father’s watch, and one day while in school, Alton’s condo was broken into and the watch was taken. As you can envision, he was crushed by the deficiency of his dad’s watch and he looked constantly for it. 

Some twenty years after the fact, Alton found the very watch that was taken from him – in an Ebay posting. On account of his dad’s careful record keeping, he had the option to affirm that this currently intensely worn watch was undoubtedly his father’s, and he approached buying it. He at that point found a watchmaker to give NOS OEM parts to restore the watch to the condition in which he recalled it. 

This Omega Chronostop that once had a place with his dad is one of his most valued belongings, and he wears it frequently, refering to the one-minute chronostop work as being functional for him, as a result of the brief legs he’s accustomed to flying while in a holding pattern.