Talking Watches: With Jack Nicklaus

Talking Watches: With Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is the greatest golf player to have at any point lived. He is among the greatest professional athletes of all time. He recorded 18 professional major successes, 73 PGA visit wins, and 113 professional tournament wins. It is his 18 majors however that remains the record to which all golf players aspire, a record that separates him from all other golfers to have at any point played the game. Did I notice he came in second in majors multiple times over the span of two and half decades, as well? Jack is, basically, the greatest of all time. And it ends up, he has a watch story.

Jack is anything yet a gatherer – in fact, however he has been an official part of the Rolex family since 1995, he has just possessed one watch. This watch, a Rolex Day-Date reference 1803 in yellow gold, has been on his wrist the entire life since he got it all the way back in 1967. That means this watch was with him during 12 of his 18 majors – he’d wear it to the course, place it into a small bag, and place it into his golf bag, and then slide it back onto his wrist while walking off the eighteenth green. It never walked out on him, while traveling to play in the Ryder Cup, while remote ocean fishing (he holds the record for the largest marlin at any point caught – it hangs on the wall in his game room), while swimming with barracudas (he is, obviously, a confirmed SCUBA jumper), and while raising his five kids and assisting with raising his 22 grandchildren. This gold Rolex Day-Date is a part of the Jack Nicklaus story, and here, he reveals to us all about it.

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Video/photography: Will Holloway and Greyson Korhonen

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Additional images and video: Jim Mandeville/ The Nicklaus Companies