Talking Watches: With Roni Madhvani

Patek Philippe Reference 3424 By Gilbert Albert

Roni’s assortment is dominatingly time-just, molded watches from any semblance of Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier. Maybe the most notable of the formed watches are those planned by Gilbert Albert, the popular Swiss architect. The reference 3424 is presumably the one that most consider when a Gilbert Albert Patek is referenced, and this is a foundation of the collection.

Patek Philippe Reference 3412 By Gilbert Albert

This is another illustration of an unbelievable Gilbert Albert-planned Patek, this time with cross-hair dial and Beyer signature. The reference here is 3412, and is surely perhaps the most intriguing cases to at any point come from Patek.

Vacheron Constantin With Guilloche Dial And Claw Lugs

Roni has consistently respected crafted by Vacheron Constantin, yet he says that on the grounds that as of not long ago there was very little data on their verifiable pieces, he avoided them. This is the one exemption, as one glance at the stunning dial and instance of this one will tell you.

Asymetrical Audemars Piguet From The 1960s

This 1960s Audemars Piguet is likely my undisputed top choice piece in Roni’s assortment – only look at it. Little is thought about the actual piece – however it is engraved looking into it back dating it to 1964. The watch, on the wrist, is magical.

Patek Philippe Reference 2549 Devil's Horn

This is a great one. The  Patek reference 2549 is rare. So uncommon truth be told that Roni’s quest for it became something of an online watchnerd legend. A few years prior, he saw this watch come available to be purchased at Antiquorum, but since the internet was inconsistent at his home in Uganda, he left a composed offer. He wound up losing the sale by one offer. You can see his post about it here . Yet, the universe of watches is a little one, and sporadically a rousing one. The bidder who wound up winning the watch, who up until that point didn’t have the foggiest idea how much the reference intended to Roni, got some answers concerning this long term chase and chose to pass the watch to Roni for precisely what he paid. The triumphant bidder who played out this thoughtful gesture? That is correct, Jason Singer.

Patek Philippe Reference 2550

In numerous ways, the 2550 accommodates Roni’s assortment too consummately. Again we have a guilloche dial and multi-ring case with expanded drags. Consider this the sibling to the 2549 above.

Gold Patek Philippe With Markowski Case

This is, once more, an extraordinarily uncommon reference of Patek Philippe with a bended case cut from a solitary square of gold. It ought to be noticed that, 20 years prior, these watches were probably the most significant and attractive on the planet. What’s considerably more astounding to think about is that Patek made watches like this at a certain point, and now it appears to be close to incomprehensible that we’d see something like this come out of Patek.

Patek Philippe Reference 565 In Steel With Breguet Numerals

One of Roni’s notable pieces is this 565. He says it is all that you’d request for in a period just Patek – steel, screw-back, Breguet numerals, focus seconds. We tend to agree.

Patek Philippe Amagnetic Reference 3417

If you’re a devotee of Roni on Instagram, you’ve certainly seen this one. The Patek Philippe reference 3417, a HODINKEE top choice, is never a long way from the world-voyager’s wrist. Its size, case shape, and solidness make it a top choice for his “in and out” watch.

Patek Philippe Reference 2471

Here we have one more adapted Patek time-just, this time taking the state of the reference 2471 tank with scroll drags. This one is frequently called the “Bear Claw,” and you can see why.

Cartier Tank Cintrée With Special Dial

Though not also addressed in this choice of Roni’s assortment, Cartier has a major influence in his appreciation for plan. This is an extraordinary watch, a Cintrée in platinum, with a dial planned by Roni himself years before Cartier was obtained by Richemont. 

Patek Philippe Reference 5004P With Breguet Numerals

Ah, the unrivaled exception to the assortment. This a Patek Phiilppe 5004 – that is a Lemania-based, split-seconds chronograph with ceaseless schedule and moon stage for the unenlightened – in platinum, with a custom Breguet dial. Roni isn’t a purchaser of numerous cutting edge Pateks, however following quite a while of amicable talks with the London shop, this watch was conceded to him. The 5004P is viewed as one of the greats of the cutting edge time, and this one with Breguet numerals is totally epic. If Roni somehow happened to break his topic for one watch, it bodes well it would be for this one.