Talking Watches: With Spike Feresten

Talking Watches: With Spike Feresten

He wrote eight distinct scenes throughout the span of three years, large numbers of which live on in the public vernacular. From that point, he proceeded to make The Michael Richards Show and even facilitated his own syndicated program on Fox for a very long time. Spike right now has Car Matchmaker on the Esquire Network, where regularly, you can detect a portion of the watches in his assortment. Also, that is on the grounds that he’s a genuine watch sweetheart. This is your authority HODINKEE Talking Watches with comedian and vehicle fellow Spike Feresten.

Label Heuer 2000

This 1990s TAG Huer was the primary “decent” watch Spike purchased.

TAG Heuer during the 1990s was something unique – it denoted the passage point into extravagance looks for in excess of an age. The main watch that Spike bought – doing as such with the cash he made as an essayist for Late Night with David Letterman – was this TAG Heuer 2000. 

Rolex Daytona 116500LN

The new ceramic Daytona is seeing a great deal of wrist time these days.

A later buy for Spike was the cutting edge Rolex Daytona with ceramic bezel and dark dial, which he purchased on his birthday this year (you’ll hear him notice all through the meeting that he’s bought numerous pieces on his birthday). It’s a watch that is difficult to blame, and Spike says it could possibly be a leave watch for him. In the event that you see Spike on air nowadays, there’s a decent possibility he’ll be wearing this watch.

Rolex Daytona 6263

This 6263 silver dial was bought by Spike when his TV show was gotten by Fox.

While his cutting edge Daytona is getting a great deal of wrist time as of now, this 6263 with silver dial is one that is a backbone of Spike’s assortment. He bought the watch initially when his show on Fox was gotten for its third season – and there’s only something about a physically twisted Daytona with silver dial.

Tudor Snowflake Submariner Issued To The French Marine Nationale

This Tudor Snowflake is really a Marine Nationale Sub with unique Decom papers.

Imagine beating the Tudor Sub fever by a decent decade – in light of the fact that that is exactly what Spike did. Furthermore, he did as such – in spades – by buying an incredible blue Snowflake a few years back from Los Angeles watch scene sturdy Ken Jacobs at Wanna Buy A Watch. Did I notice the watch is a Marine Nationale Sub and accompanied unique decommission papers? He purchased the watch on his birthday, the year his syndicated program was gotten by Fox for the main year. Incredible story, and the watch? Correct, it’s a killer. 

Rolex GMT Master 2

A present day GMT-Master is quite possibly the most adaptable and simple to-destroy watches there.

As with his new Daytona, once in a while you simply need a watch that is not difficult to wear and works with no issues – his clay bezel GMT-Master absolutely fits that portrayal and it gets a ton of wrist time.

Nike Metal Drill (And Metal Drill Prototype!)

All watch folks have an odd fixation – and the Nike Metal Drill is Spike’s.

I’d dare to wager that the vast majority of you have never known about the Nike Metal Drill – I hadn’t before I met Spike. The Metal Drill is a fundamental wellness following watch that he previously bought with a couple of shoes a few years back. He’s wound up purchasing a lot of these little computerized watches, in any event, setting up an eBay alert for the watch. One day an alarm came in saying somebody had recorded the real Metal Drill model (since that is a thing?) and normally, Spike got it. I believe it’s protected to say Spike Feresten is the prominent gatherer of Nike Metal Drill watches on the planet.

Autodromo Prototipo Nero Chronograph

The Autodromo Prototipo was seen all through season two of Car Matchmaker.

The Autodromo Prototipo, a dark hustling chronograph, can be seen all through quite a bit of season two of Car Matchmaker. Spike is a devotee of what the youthful brand does, saying it’s simply a pleasant watch to put on when you get in your vehicle and drive – and it brings as much euphoria as large numbers of the most costly watches he claims, when he’s behind the wheel.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black

This watch was bought for season three of Car Matchmaker.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay was Spike’s season three watch on Car Matchmaker and once more, basic is best here. This is a watch in whose company Spike has timed a ton of miles.

A Handful Of Heuer Autavias

The Autavia in Siffert tones is the authority watch of Spike’s gathering of vehicle friends.

Like any vehicle fellow deserving at least moderate respect, Spike feels weak at the knees over old Heuer chronographs – specifically the Autavias. This physically twisted mid ’70s Autavia in Siffert tones is one Spike has worn a ton, and without a doubt, when he wore it on a scene of Car Matchmaker, he immediately wound up on OnTheDash , which he was extremely amped up (for additional on OnTheDash, the last scene of Talking Watches featured its organizer Jeff Stein ). The Siffert-style Autavia is a top choice among Spike’s gathering of driving mates, and his companion Jerry Seinfeld himself has been spotted wearing a Siffert Autavia throughout the long term, most as of late in the first 2012 advancement for Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee , and even before in this outdated 2009 commercial for Hewlett-Packard  (no judgment on the ‘Dink-around 2009 vibe pls 🙏🏻).

Nice self-winding Orange Boy.

A minute condition Viceroy Autavia.

While the Siffert is unquestionably the programmed Autavia to have, it’s by all account not the only one in Spike’s assortment. He claims a staggeringly mint Viceroy and stunning Orange Boy also. He tries to put them all on Corfam lashes and Heuer marked clasps, in view of course.

Heuer Carrera Re-Issue, In Both White And Black

This watch was bought new during Spike’s second season on Seinfeld.

He later purchased a similar watch with dark dial, since you kinda have to.

Now it’s not simply Autavias that Spike has on the Heuer side of things. This Carrera re-release (white dial) he purchased new during the 1990s to praise his subsequent season composing for Seinfeld. He later bought the dark dial since, indeed, he just kinda had to.

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Every watch folks should have a Speedmaster, Spike included.

A current Speedmaster Professional, as we as a whole know , is only an absolute necessity for a watch fellow. Also, obviously, the Speedmaster is (presently and everlastingly) a space watch by and large, and the Moon Watch particularly, yet considering its sources as probably the soonest chronograph planned explicitly in view of hustling, it bodes well in Spike’s collection.

Rolex Submariner 1680

Who doesn’t detest a non-brisk set date?

This is the solitary Rolex Sub in Spike’s assortment and its the reason for incredible interest for me not on the grounds that the actual watch is interested, but since of what it makes Spike do. He abhors the non-speedy set date, which I completely get, however as opposed to placing in on a winder, simply excusing the date window, or you know, simply managing setting the date, he really doesn’t wear the Submariner 1680 until the one day of the month moves around that matches what it peruses. Does any other person do that with any routineness? I’m really curious.


The watches above are only a portion of the pieces we talked about from Spike’s wide-going assortment of watches, however there are so some more. The following is a little display of a portion of his different pieces that we had the opportunity to see that day in Santa Monica. 

For more on Spike’s most recent venture, Car Matchmaker on Esquire, click here . Make certain to follow Spike on Instagram here, as well .

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