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Talking Watches: With William Massena

Omega Seamaster 120

We all beginning somewhere, and for William, that implied this current kid’s size Omega Seamaster 120. It was given to him by his mom and he wore it for a long time. Right up ’til today, it holds the lash worn by a little 8-year-old William.

Rolex Datejust Quartz

This Rolex Oyster Quartz was indeed the absolute first watch purchased by William himself, in the mid year of 1984. Purchased at Bucherer in Zurich, the saleswoman showed him this watch – a quartz – an Air-King, and a slow-selling, super-technical watch, the Milgauss reference 1019. He chose this. What’s more, that, I will never let him forget.

Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675 Gilt

William has for quite some time been a Rolex darling, and was a vital piece of the amazing Rolex Revolution offer of 2008. While large numbers of his most uncommon pieces have come and gone, he holds a strong assortment of blue-chip watches, similar to this mint overlaid 1675 GMT-Master.

Rolex Red Submariner Reference 1680

This rich, tropical Red Sub is another of William’s leftover Oyster sport watches, and again you’ll see the quality and condition is simply superlative.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Reference 5070J

The 5070J is the watch that I think about the most when William comes to mind. He may have been wearing it the first occasion when I met him, and as his part of mediator for the Patek gathering, it’s a watch that I think goes with his character well overall – huge and forcing, fascinating, present day – yet following those that preceded. He has owned this 5070J since it was new.

Patek Philippe Reference 3587 Quartz

William’s assortment isn’t anything if not fascinating, and to adjust the customary complication of the 5070, here we have a mid 1970s Beta 21 quartz watch. You may recollect that another visitor, Facebook’s Matt Jacobson, additionally owned this watch , however his had incorporated arm bands. You’ll see William wearing this one frequently, too.

A. Lange & Söhne Datograph On Platinum Bracelet

Hearing William recount the first occasion when he saw the type inside Lange’s unique Datograph could be a video all alone. It was the watch that would change the business – and he knew it. William is a chronograph sweetheart too, and that implies he essentially should own a Datograph. But since William will be William, he wears it on a strong platinum bracelet.

Early F.P. Journe Tourbillon

William’s relationship with F.P. Journe is an individual one. He’s known the man since before it was a brand, and he is even the guardian to North American President Pierre Halimi’s children. William’s Journe of choice is the first Tourbillon with a rose gold dial. Metal development, obviously .

Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro-Rotor Prototype For Only Watch

You folks were likely all following the Laurent Ferrier at Only Watch this year. What number of you were following the LF at Only Watch four years ago? William was, and he purchased this watch – the absolute first Galet Micro Rotor – at that point. This watch is cased in steel and is checked “model” on both the type and the case.

De Bethune DB25L

William accepts that autonomous watchmakers would prefer not to sell you more watches, they want to improve watches. This could be not any more obvious than with De Bethune – who he accepts is genuinely perhaps the best production in the world.

A. Favre & Fils Phoenix 10.2

As a well disposed update that there are at times real people behind the watches that we wear, William’s A. Favre & Fils is a captivating watch. Developed by a 10th era watchmaker, this free doesn’t get the pomp that numerous others do, and that is by and large why William likes it.

Tudor Submariner For The Marine Nationale

This is another watch that I regularly partner with William – a flawlessly blurred Tudor Submariner for the Marine Nationale. He is an admirer of gave military watches, and this is one of his favorites.

Breguet Type XX

Similar to the Tudor MN, this watch was additionally given by the military of his home country of France. The Breguet Type XX addresses an incredible watch for the cash, and you’ll catch him wearing this military flyback chronograph often.

Breitling Navitimer 47 mm

I don’t figure many would anticipate that William Massena should be wearing a 47 mm Breitling, yet he does. Once more, he delights in wearing the unforeseen and interesting.

Sinn EZM1

If you’re an admirer of chronographs and reason assembled apparatus watches, it gets no cleaner than the Sinn EZM1. When the watch was launched, it required an outing to Germany to the production line to purchase it. So that is actually what he did, and it stays one of his most loved watches.

*Bonus* The Leica iiif Owned By George Daniels

William has an astounding assortment of timekeepers and horological ephemera, yet nothing affects as much desire in the HODINKEE workplaces as this Leica… which had a place with George Daniels. Indeed, truly. This is a Leica iiif, considered by numerous gatherers to be the last Leica to convey the immediate impact of Leica author Oskar Barnack. The iiifs were first made in 1950, yet regardless of that, because of its inconceivable form quality (which was costly; the iiif cost an amazing $3500 the year it came out; undeniably more than most watches) and the way that it has had an aggregate of two cautious owners, it actually works like a charm.

I trust you’ve delighted in this look inside the assortment of Mr. William Massena. As always, you can discover his thoughts over on Timezone.com, and in the event that you’d like see (and purchase!) a watch that he, when all is said and done, planned, view the awesome Habring2 TZ20 here .