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Technical Perspective: Why The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 Is A Pocket Watch You Can’t Fit In Your Pocket

Like building design, development engineering depends on certain basic components to keep everything functioning admirably. Tall structures rely upon lifts to rapidly move individuals from one story to another. Comparatively, a complicated watch development is worked around the pivot of the middle and fourth wheels . These wheels turn without a moment’s delay each hour and once each moment, individually. The wheel tomahawks or arbors are utilized to control the complications associated with them, masterminded in a level-by-level design, like floors in a tall building.

For the most part, schedule complications utilize the length of a day to show their data. In the event that we realize how long one day is we additionally know the length of months and years. Luckily, the middle wheel makes one revolution each hour. A lessening gear train on the dial side of the development at a proportion of 24:1 gives us precisely one day, and empowers the schedule complication to work. From the tall structure illustration, we currently have two stories. The ground floor is the development’s fundamental stuff train , separating time and sending capacity to the escapement . The subsequent level is the schedule, utilizing the middle wheel arbor as its input.

Next, we will think about the chronograph complication. Since chronographs record little fragments of time, they are driven by the fourth wheel. (The fourth wheel makes one turn each moment.) This again adds to our development engineering, and we are presently on the third level.

Dial-side of the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260

Finally, we will think about the repeater complication. It also utilizes the middle wheel arbor for contribution, notwithstanding the fourth wheel arbor. A snail cam is mounted on every arbor, to show the hours and minutes that ought to be struck by means of the mallets and gongs. That gives us four levels to manage, all stacked upon one another and relying upon the equivalent inputs.

The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 has 57 complications; it should now be very clear why the watch is so thick. Also, presently, the Armillary Tourbillon with circular equilibrium spring starts to bode well. In some other watch, this tourbillon would add a lot of thickness to the development. In the Reference 57260, it looks completely proper, and adds three dimensional movement to this interesting movement.