The Autavia Cup: Round One Results, Early Conclusions, And A Quick Look At Round Two

1) People Like A Panda

No shock there. Everyone cherishes a “panda.” So-called in light of the fact that their face resembles that of Giant Panda, these highly contrasting dials are mainstream at Rolex, Omega, Heuer – and actually any brand that has them. Heuer in reality just made one panda adaptation of the Autavia during the 1960s, however the current notoriety of such watches is most likely the motivation behind why TAG Heuer chose to present three more “dream” choices in the current year’s competition. Also, true to form most have experienced to the second round. Indeed, the lone model disposed of at this stage – a “dream” reference 3646 Mark I – was killed by another panda dial in cycle one – a dream reference 2446 Mark I.

2) The Valjoux 72, A Shoo-In

The dominant part of the watches in the competition are controlled by the Valjoux 72, a physically wound chronograph development with three registers. The others are fueled by the Valjoux 92, which has just two registers. Be that as it may, it’s unmistakable which one the public likes. When confronting one another, the Valjoux 72 won 100% of the challenges. Indeed, these were the most uneven challenges of the first round – the Valjoux 72 winning them by 22 and 30 rate focuses. There is just a single Valjoux 92 remaining in competition, reference 3646 Mark 3. Be that as it may, while the Valjoux 72 has (very nearly) a 90 percent possibility of bringing home the Autavia Cup, we comprehend TAG Heuer will utilize an in-house development for the triumphant plan.

The Valjoux 72, from a Mark 2 Autavia 2446 (Photo: Paul Gavin)

3) The Later, The Better

The absolute first execution of the Autavia was very much addressed in the first round of the competition. Notwithstanding, the citizens have communicated more prominent interest in the later models, taking out every one of the four 1962 models. Experiencing into the second round several models from 1966 – which have applied metal hour markers and more modest sub dials – just as three models from 1968. They are joined by one model from 1964, and two “dream” models, intended for TAG Heuer by Paul Gavin, a watch authority and picture taker, who shared his adoration for watches on .

A Heuer Autavia reference 2446 “Rindt.” A comparative model, on an alternate calfskin lash, is through to cycle two. (Photograph Credit: Paul Gavin)

The second round of the Autavia Cup is at present under way. To cast a ballot, try to visit the competition’s committed page on . This is your opportunity to an assembling choice from perhaps the biggest brand in the watchmaking industry.

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