The Eve's Watch Awards, The First Ever Dedicated Ladies' Watch Awards, Took Place Last Weekend

The Eve's Watch Awards, The First Ever Dedicated Ladies' Watch Awards, Took Place Last Weekend

Watch Of The Year: The Chanel Boy.Friend

I realize that this might not have been the most well known watch with genuine watch geeks, yet I end up preferring the Chanel Boy.Friend . The plan is perfect, straightforward, exemplary, and in particular wearable. It sounds good to me that this won, and isn’t Chanel watches’ just achievement this year, as we additionally got the Monsieur de Chanel  earlier this year at Baselworld.

Brand Of The Year: Bulgari

Bulgari is perhaps the most conspicuous adornments brands on the planet and it additionally makes some beautiful wiped out watches. The Serpenti is out and out notorious and Bulgari’s likewise taking actions on the men’s side with the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater . Besides, Bulgari has delivered a truly crazy tourbillon wristwatch for women, similar to the Incantanti Serpenti Tourbillon Lumière Skeleton.

Best Design: Nomos Neomatik Champagner

Again, it is nothing unexpected to me that this watch won for best plan. Nomos lives and bites the dust by its severe plan rules and it shows in each watch that leaves the industrial facility, including the Neomatik Champagner . This watch may not be a “women” watch by definition, however it positively can be worn by the two men and women. 

However, this is the place where the breaks in this female-just honor function begin to show. Try not to misunderstand me, I 100% help ladies in the watch business and I will be the first to recognize that the watch business is as yet stuck, thinking back to the stone age with regards to sex issues (I mean, ladies couldn’t cast a ballot in Switzerland until 1971). Yet, I don’t know whether making a more prominent split between ladies’ watches and men’s watches with a particular honors service is the approach to shutting the sex hole in the business. Yet, that is simply me. 

You can study the Eve’s Awards here .