The Jealousy List 2016

The  Jealousy List 2016

What She's Wearing: Deniz Gamze Erguven And The Boy.Friend

By David Belcher, The New York Times

While this piece isn’t weighty, I generally love finding out about solid female figures and what watch they wear. I imagine that today, ladies are more drawn in than any other time with watches. I likewise think that its intriguing that movie chief Deniz Gamze Erguven decides to wear the Chanel Boy.Friend watch. Presently, this isn’t really the most innovatively progressed watch, yet I thoroughly get how its vintage and clean stylish is interesting to bunches of ladies (myself included). Desire is an appalling characteristic, however I may be desirous enough of this to begin my own ladies in watches segment. Watch out 2017! –Cara Barrett, Associate Editor

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The Authorized Biography Of Patek Philippe

By Nick Foulkes

Okay, so this isn’t a story in a manner of speaking, yet rather a thorough and interestingly, completely approved glance at one of the world’s most noteworthy extravagance brands – Patek Philippe. Composed by my companion and individual GPHG legal hearer Nick Foulkes, the family Stern gave a creator close to unfiltered admittance to verifiable records and direct meetings. The moment this book was delivered it turned into the main content on Patek Philippe at any point delivered, and in a universe of watch books loaded up with simply lovely pictures and a ton of guess, seeing a delightfully created and completely real record of Patek Philippe is a welcomed change. This is an unquestionable requirement perused, straightforward as that. Furthermore, do I wish I got the require this one? Damn right I do. –Ben Clymer, Founder and Editorial Director

You can arrange the book here.

John Muir's Alarm Clock Desk

By Stephen J. Taylor, Atlas Obscura

Come on, this current story has everything – and I mean everything. This is a clock concocted by John Muir, the renowned naturalist, who it turns out was a devoted creator before a modern mishap almost blinded him. It was appended to a falling bed and at the selected time, “it tenderly yet solidly slid the resting Muir to the floor, while additionally lighting a light.” Eccentric virtuoso? Check. Dark exceptional non-wristwatch watch? Check. Window into the peculiar early existence of somebody well known for something entirely unexpected? Check. Nothing to do with Switzerland? Goodness indeed, yes ye lords of shopper reporting, check. Truly, really envious I didn’t compose this one. –Jack Forster, Editor-in-Chief

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Meet The Metal Thrasher Turned Virtuoso Watchmaker

Great Big Story

In one of the more pleasant watch-related recordings you’ll discover there, Great Big Story takes us inside the dichotomous universe of metal-rocker-turned-watchmaker Dan Spitz. Most popular as the previous lead guitarist of the weighty metal band Anthrax, Spitz – looking for quiet, unexpectedly – went to watchmaking in 1995, and in this manner, continued in the strides of his dad and granddad before him. This piece is actually pleasantly shot and assembled – and adroit HODINKEE perusers will perceive that Central Watch in Grand Central Terminal gives the scenery to a large part of the shoot. –Will Holloway, Senior Digital Producer

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The Politics Of Watches In Venezuela

By Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez, The Atlantic

Watches are fun, intriguing articles that are a side interest for a large portion of us, yet I love finding out about watches in authentic or political settings. Inside a communist inclining system, it’s interesting to see political and social leaders wearing top of the line (and not really the most downplayed) wristwatches from makers we consistently cover on HODINKEE. The creator features the glaring difference between Venezuelan authorities’ watches and the way that the greater part of the populace scarcely scratches by, offering a significant commentary on abundance dissimilarity and Venezuela’s social and financial flimsiness. This sort of report on the meaning of watches inside our present reality isn’t something that you read about as frequently as new deliveries or tasteful allure, yet I wish that it came up more. –Ashley Kinder, HODINKEE Shop Manager

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That Time The Statue Of Liberty Almost Got A Glowing Wrist Watch

By Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic

I love that, in 1926, the wristwatch was viewed as such new innovation that individuals felt it would look too present day on such a traditionally planned sculpture. From the article: “This worry is reasonable: according to modern standards, it very well may resemble supplanting the tablet in the sculpture’s left hand with a giant iPad.” –Adam Kopec, Design Director

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Notorious Hand-Wound Tower Clock Keeps Time Turning In Rockhampton

By Megan Hendry, ABC

I tend towards the verifiable and the dark, yet it’s consistently magnificent to see a touch of the past in our present. A physically wound pinnacle clock, twisted at regular intervals by similar family over numerous ages? Winding your watch is a close issue, and for this situation that closeness has likewise been combined with obligation and social legacy, making it extraordinary. Add a modest community in Australia and the work title of “clock expert” and it doesn’t get substantially more quaint. –Isabella Proia, HODINKEE Shop Associate

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Exquisite Bracelet Watches For Men

Photographs by Anthony Cotsifas, Styled by Amy Henry, T Magazine

It may appear to be crazy that the story I’m generally desirous of this current year is an assortment of four photos of incredible watches imprinted on sheet cakes, however it’s actual. This is so beguiling, so deftly done, thus attractive that I can’t resist the urge to be desirous. Extravagance, and watchmaking specifically, regularly pays attention to itself way as well, and it’s work this way, that presents watches without value, that gets new individuals pondering watches differently. –Stephen Pulvirent, Managing Editor

See the photos here.

Augmented Reality Takes Fans Inside The World Of Watches

By Victoria Gomelsky, The New York Times

We hear a ton about how the Swiss are old-fashioned, however this article investigates how a few brands are using innovation to arrive at expected new purchasers, particularly those of a more youthful age. Accepting computer generated experience as a vehicle to instruct purchasers about watchmaking, brands like Roger Dubuis and TAG Heuer are utilizing VR to in a real sense take clients on “an exciting ride into the development.” I think this is an extraordinary illustration of how certain brands are rethinking how they can communicate with possible clients through innovation, while as yet regarding their image’s legacy. –Sarah Reid, Business Development Associate

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The Real History Of America's Most Authentic Fake Brand

By Stacy Perman, Inc. Magazine

An fascinating (and pretty reasonable, regardless of the title) take a gander at one of the most sultry “new extravagance” brands in America. Indeed, even with the generally covered issues encompassing Shinola watches and “Made in America,” I figure this story works really hard separating what Shinola really is while as yet making interest/fervor in what Tom Kartsotis and his group are doing in Detroit. They are virtuoso advertisers, no doubt. –Frank Roda, Director of Business Development

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Fleurier, A Swiss Watch Company Town

By Kathleen Beckett with Photographs by Niels Ackermann, The New York Times

The watch supplement of the New York Times is the place where I got my break in watch news-casting (as an assistant, first, and afterward as an author) and it’s additionally where I met my better half. So it’s something other than an extraordinary paper to me. I see myself as extremely fortunate to have worked with a significant number of the paper’s controller patrons, and I’m a major enthusiast of Kathleen Beckett. Her story (and accompanying photograph slideshow) of Fleurier is a phenomenal illustration of what she specializes in. She saw a word that is imprinted on such countless dials it’s become worn-out to most. And afterward she addressed why it was even there. To discover the appropriate response, she went to Switzerland, and her story takes us on this extraordinary trip. –Arthur Touchot, European Editor

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As yet Ticking: The Improbable Survival Of The Luxury Watch Business

By Simon Garfield, The Guardian

A exceptionally certifiable understanding into the universe of extravagance watches by the writer of the incredible book Timekeepers: How The World Became Obsessed With Time. It is an extraordinary basic article and is loaded with British mind, directly from the outset. –Louis Westphalen, Associate Editor

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