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The Unique Blancpain Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar Wristwatch For The Only Watch Auction

The watch was solely intended for the Only Watch sell off. The Chinese Calendar complication, created in-house, is an accolade for the well established culture. The dial includes the hours, minutes, and the Gregorian schedule close by the Chinese schedule’s significant pointers. This incorporates the customary twofold hour sign, day, month (with jump months), indications of the zodiac, and the five components and the 10 heavenly stems. The combination of the divine stems with the 12 animals of the zodiac that address the earthbound branches follows the 60-year cycle that is essential to the Chinese culture. The dial additionally includes a moon-stage, associating the lunar cycle and customary Chinese months.

The 45 mm case is in red gold and has a grand feu dark finish dial. The rotor is likewise made of red gold and champlevé dark finish and highlights the words “Just Watch” in honor for the auction.

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