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The Value Proposition: The Longines Column-Wheel, Single-Push-Piece Chronograph Reference L2.800.4.53.0

Vintage monopusher chronographs from significant names like Patek Philippe can go for – well, see with your own eyes ; and keeping in mind that there has been somewhat of an increment in the quantity of monopusher chronographs at the less expensive finish of the range lately (not that under $5 million is setting the bar high for “less exorbitant”) like this pleasant one from IWC that launched for this present year, they actually have somewhat of an atmosphere of eliteness, which, normally, things like this monopusher rattrapante from Vacheron Constantin , and the out-of-creation yet darling Cartier CPC Tortue Mono-Pusher Chronograph , just improve. What’s more, new monopusher chronograph watches are frequently decided by how well they cling to certain vintage codes and assumptions – class, relative straightforwardness, and perfect, smooth activity of the chronograph being the most notable focuses to consider.

The Longines section wheel, self-winding chronograph development, type L788.2/ETA A08.L11, was first presented in 2012, in a watch that was unflinchingly archaic in motivation and plan, and we enjoyed that plan a lot of when we previously saw it. That watch addressed, from a plan stance, the momentary period between pocket watches and wristwatches, with its wire drags, extended Roman numerals, and adjusted case; it was a noteworthy introduction, and at a value point where finding a section wheel monopusher chronograph is strange most definitely. They’re not absolutely unfathomable ( Meistersinger , for one, Breitling for another) yet it’s still drastically more normal, for a wide range of evident reasons, to discover standard two-register chronos at this cost point.

This specific model isn’t quite pretty much as antiquated as the introduction model in which this type launched, which is okay – as wonderful as we felt that one was (it’s always incredible to see a plan motivation stay that consistent with its foundations) it’s actually going to have narrower claim, and a narrower bandwidth for adaptability, than something somewhat less explicit. This specific reference, L2.800.4.53.0 (by chance, there are a few “Longines Column-Wheel Single Push Piece” chronographs in the inventory that are recognized from each other simply by reference number).

By the numbers, this is what we have: a 41 mm case (the thickness isn’t given on Longines’ website, however in the jaws of our micrometric calipers chez HODINKEE technical chief Nicholas Manousos is calling it at 14 mm). The development is a 13¼ ligne, 27 jewel, self-winding development with 54 hours of power hold; the equilibrium vibrates at 28,800 vph. In the event that those numbers sound recognizable to you, they ought to; those are the specs of the ETA/Valjoux 7750 and this type resembles the 7750, yet adjusted – a ton, we may add – for a section wheel coordination framework; in case our perusers misunderstand the thought we believe we should call attention to that putting a segment wheel framework into what was unique a cam-controlled chronograph isn’t by and large a matter of a basic drop-in substitution. There are two registers, an unpretentious date guichet, and reference L2.800.4.53.0 is a steel party: steel case, hands, and pin clasp, however all pleasantly done, particularly the hands, which would not post of spot on a five-figure dress chronograph from a blue-chip brand. One of our annoyances is cheap looking hands on pricey watches, and here the inverse is valid – the execution of the hands on this watch does a great deal to hoist it and make the impression of something much more expensive.

Fourteen millimeters isn’t dress watch thickness, yet despite the fact that it doesn’t feel like a dress chronograph in essence, it’s as yet generally an extremely rich piece of unit, sitting simply a smidgen high on the wrist. A most pleasant aspect regarding this watch, and one that Longines merits a great deal of credit for, is the chronograph pusher feel. You may be astonished to hear, as we were to locate, that this is quite essentially one of the most pleasant inclination chronographs to work that we’ve at any point had in the workplace and we’ve had some decent chronographs in the workplace. Activity is smooth, not at all piece notchy at the detent, with simply a trace of opposition and afterward a wipe let-off as switching happens, and it resembles that entirely through: stop, start, and reset.

Between the sensation of accuracy and truly sumptuous perfection in activity, and the quiet however distinct feeling of quality this watch has, we had an awesome time wearing it. We’ve left the best for last; this is a $3,150 wristwatch, which, taking into account how little you can get for that much cash, and how much less you can get qualitatively than the reference L2.800.4.53.0 for a great deal more money, makes this quite a Value Proposition.

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