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The Value Proposition: The Seiko SKX007 Diver’s Watch

Hello, 007. Today we will investigate what I’ve always accepted that is another of the worst-maintained mysteries in current watchmaking: the Seiko Diver, model number SKX007. It’s presumably the absolute best an incentive at any value point, in an automatic watch that fits all the models of the notorious ISO 6425, which indicates the measures for a watch to have the option to consider itself a jumper’s watch (at any rate, in ISO part countries). Indeed, it fits both the letter and the actual purpose of the law, however similarly as with another worst-left well enough alone from Seiko – the fantastic Seiko 5, which we took a gander at quite recently in our story ” A $75 Watch That Looks Like A Million Bucks ” – it at last figures out how to be so engaging on its own benefits that the nearly skepticism prompting cost is the most un-significant part of the watch.

The SKX007 may have a modest cost yet it is essential for a glad ancestry of jumper’s watches that goes right back to 1965, when Seiko presented the 150-meter-water-safe reference 6217. From that point forward, Seiko has presented an enormous scope of jumper’s watches, going from the notable ref. 6105, which was created until 1977 (and is popular among film watch lovers for having been on Martin Sheen’s wrist in Apocalypse Now) to its expert models, planned for use under extremely challenging conditions, including immersion plunging. The last class remembers the absolute first watch to utilize titanium for its case – the 1975 600 meter Pro Diver. (The 1980 Porsche Design Titan Chronograph was the principal wristwatch to offer a titanium case, and an coordinated titanium arm band.) Seiko’s jump watch contributions today incorporate maybe the most simply functional mechanical plunge watch in presence, in any event considered from a technical point of view. This is simply the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver, whose self-winding Spring Drive development and power hold sign guarantee both a serious level of precision (within one second out of every day) just as the capacity to check and ensure there’s sufficient power save to keep the watch from running down in the center of a jump. (For a more itemized history, check out this incredible story over on Monochrome .)

SKX007’s prompt progenitor is the Seiko 7002, which it intently takes after, and it imparts to SKX007 a water obstruction rating of 200 m. It was created until 1996, when it was at last supplanted by the model you see here. SKX007 is likewise not, at this point underway yet can be found on the optional market, which is lamentable as it addresses the section value point into the world of Seiko jumper’s watches – actually, it presumably addresses the passage value point into the world of veritable, ISO-compliant mechanical jumper’s watches, period. (Or maybe incredibly, Seiko actually has the PDF client’s manual for the 7002 on its website. )

SKX007 is an activity in practical moderation; there is literally nothing unessential about any part of the watch. The case is a strong, substantial mass of hardened steel, however similarly as with all Seikos, even at the section level, it is really well made, with the adjusted flanks rising effortlessly to frame the crown watches. The crown (for setting just, similar to the Seiko 5, the SKX007 can’t be hand-wound, yet should be delicately swung in the hand to wind the fountainhead) is set at 4 o’clock, the better to hold it back from squeezing uncomfortably into the rear of your wrist.

The bezel pivots fifty brief augmentations, and this is one of the numerous spots that this watch shows its quality notwithstanding its exceptionally low expense. The tip of the triangle (with its inset radiant pearl) always lines up exactly on the record mark (or precisely halfway between) and it’s quite phenomenal to see that cost notwithstanding, Seiko has guaranteed the watch offers irreproachable utilitarian exactness where it checks. The dial is additionally unadorned, however practically fantastic, with enormous and splendid lume plots (Seiko jump watches are broadly torch-brilliant in obscurity) and the seconds hand has both a utilization of white paint on its body, and a speck of lume on its tail, the better to allow you to utilize it as a capacity check in low light circumstances. There are some who will protest the white date/day circles, however the utilization of white really makes the dial more even, and upgrades low light intelligibility to boot.

The celebration style arm band is, similar to the remainder of the watch, practically above and beyond. It shakes a piece, just like the case with the OEM arm band for the Seiko 5 and quite a few owners like to explore different avenues regarding various lashes. In spite of an intermittent jingle-clatter, however, it’s quite comfortable, however it doesn’t have a jumper’s wetsuit expansion (and you can barely blame it at that, at the asking cost, however on the off chance that you plunge with the watch a ton, you’ll presumably want to put it on a long NATO or elastic strap).

Inside is the type 7S26, and as we did with the Seiko 5, we allude you, in case you’re intrigued, to a full technical examination of the development from John Davis, whose article on the 7S26 has never been bettered for precision or, well, profundity. We’ll bind ourselves here to taking note of that the development is famously slug confirmation, and that the Magic Lever winding framework is both an exceptionally sharp piece of designing, and very productive (the watch, when taken in the hand, starts to run very quickly at the smallest movement).

So here’s a genuine jump watch with wonderful utilitarian greatness, and an association with an incredible history – and the cost? Essentially anytime, you can discover one available to be purchased on Amazon for under $170, which appears to be unimaginable, yet it’s actual. I can’t consider a lot of things horologically related, period, that will be that modest (OK, NATO lashes and… I don’t have the foggiest idea, spring bars, possibly) and literally nothing at this value point that is even distantly competitive. To get a similar utilitarian greatness, you would presumably need to take a gander at a G-Shock, and the last mentioned, while an incredible apparatus watch in its own right, isn’t ISO 6452-compliant. SKX007 has been for a long time, and remains today, a censure to over-evaluated, over-embellished “extravagance” plunge watches everywhere – and a perpetually incredible Value Proposition.

For a more costly ($675) however comparable rendition on the Seiko website, investigate the Prospex Automatic SBDC001 here .