Tissot V8 Automatic Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Tissot V8 Automatic Chronograph Watch Hands-On

When it comes to reasonable Swiss-made chronographs, it’s not actually a jam-packed space – especially for mechanical choices costing under $1000. This is generally because of the way that remaining inside this limit is incomprehensible for Valjoux-made types – basically the business’ most broadly embraced, and most conservative chronograph standard. However, for brands like Tissot , their admittance to the wide range of assembling assets in the Swatch portfolio has made them a great competitor for bringing down the obstruction of section for Swiss-made automatics (like the Sistem51 Irony , or the as of late declared sub-$400 Swissmatic Everytime) – and that incorporates chronographs, because of the C01.211 development found in the Tissot V8 Automatic Chronograph.

All pictures by Ariel Adams

Unlike most of Tissot’s automatic chronograph alternatives, which use a 3-6-9 register format, the V8 is outlined with the 6-9-12 design, like the celebrated Lemania 5100 type. Yet, the design isn’t the solitary thing that the V8’s C01.211 development shares practically speaking with Lemania. Indeed, the actual development was planned along a significant number of similar boundaries – utility, cost-adequacy, and dependability. These were all qualities that settled on the 5100 the development of decision for applications spreading over military, space, and motorsport, which has deservedly procured it to some degree a status in watchmaking lore.

That being said, how about we recall that the Lemania 5100 was a long way from a pleasant looking development – solid, indeed, yet completed like a late-seventies Defender (or, in other words, barely by any means). Presented in the late aughts, the C01.211 follows this austere, work over-structure approach, however with a couple of more current embellishments. Like the Lemania, which spearheaded the utilization of plastic parts for the sake of economy, the 15-jeweled C01.211 does likewise, while additionally getting a portion of the advances in development creation (ie: more mechanized cycles in get together) that gave us the Sistem51.

Enough about the C01.211, however. While the development and the value direct combine toward make a compelling contribution, what’s of maybe equivalent (or more prominent) significance is the thing that’s outwardly, and fortunately, the V8 is a decent looking games chronograph that figures out how to fall in line among ‘present day’ and ‘exemplary’ (gotta love those T-formed siphon pushers) without turning to riffing on symbols like the Daytona or Speedmaster.

The dial itself shows some decent surface and profundity – like the faceted hands which coordinate the hourly records, or the unpretentiously grained dial surface, which differentiates a bunch of cleaned roundabout encompasses on the 12 and 6:00 registers. There’s likewise a respectable effort to create balance (for all intents and purposes outlandish for a 3-register chronograph) between the running seconds sub-dial at 9:00 and the wordmark and date at 3:00. Both combine to make a slight level of negative space that, initially, nearly resembles a bi-compax chronograph, which is a cool effect.

Despite conveying a 45mm breadth, the V8 Chronograph actually feels moderately proportional – thanks to some degree to its generally short 45mm drag to-haul distance. It’s likewise thick, yet not excessively so – the last of which is an all around archived trademark (or side effect, contingent upon who you request) of the Valjoux-assembled chronograph developments. Seeing as it’s been under a long time since the C01.211 initially began showing up in Tissot watches, it’s excessively right on time to represent its drawn out life expectancy, however straightforward, moderate alternatives like the V8 Automatic arrangement should go far towards setting the development’s place in assembling history.

The Tissot V8 Automatic Chronograph is accessible in three dial varieties – dark, white, and blue, and either on a cowhide tie or a wristband. Variations with the calfskin tie start at $895. tissotwatches.com | us.tissotshop.com