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Two Men Bought The Very Same Kind Of Watch On The Same Day In The Same Town, One Paid $950,000 More Than The Other – Who Got The Better Deal?

rolex@rolexdaydateprices.complicated Rolexes, yet the pink 6062 you see here was the feature. Once more, we saw a 1951 Rolex reference 6062 in pink with star dial. Alright, this one highlighted a matching pink gold wristband, which we can dole out an estimation of in excess of a few thousand dollars to, yet otherwise, this watch at Phillips and that at Antiquorum are indistinguishable – on paper.

The case’s trademark is plainly visible

The carries stay full and sharp

Hell, the Phillips watch and the Antiquorum watch were even made in a similar batch of the very year! They were just 17 watches away from each other by case chronic number. However, the quality of the Phillips watch made this one exceptional, and its originality made it sell at the $1,000,000 in addition to cost label that it did.

Notice the little, however unique lume plots on the Phillips 6062

To the undeveloped eye, the Antiquorum 6062’s dial may even have all the earmarks of being in preferred condition over this Phillips watch since it, you know, has large round lume plots on it. Those on the Phillips watch are little, blurred, and sometimes wounded. In any case, guess what? They’re straightforward and unique, and that is simply important for the motivation behind why this watch sold for over 1,000,000 dollars.

Notice the first case finish and unique crown

What’s more is that the historical backdrop of this watch is known, and that goes an exceptionally long way towards alleviating any would-be purchaser’s feelings of trepidation about what was never really watch. While the historical backdrop of the AQ was is pretty much a secret, including when and where those monster lume plots were added and what else may have been never really watch, and by whom, this 6062 has had two owners – the first family who saved the watch in untouched condition for over 50 years and afterward sold it at Christie’s in 2004 ( it made $363,808 ), and the man or woman who purchased the watch there. Since the purchase of that watch at Christie’s eleven years prior, we are advised it was not really worn, and eliminated from the protected with the sole motivation behind allowing Mr. John Goldberger to photo it for his 100 Superlative Rolexes book ( to see inside his collection click here ). The pink gold arm band was added within these last eleven years.

So, we have two very much like watches – indistinguishable on paper – sold around the same time in a similar town by means of a similar format, and we have a value contrast of 950,000 Swiss Franc. One of them has been relumed and has a secret back ground, the other is absolutely untouched and has an archived history. Does the value contrast compute? Or on the other hand was the Phillips watch an irregularity, shot by both on edge purchasers and the eminence of the Phillips format? Only three years prior, a pink 6062 world record was set for an incredible watch at $590,000 – has the market multiplied in these three years?

Is "quality" a large enough factor to change the cost of a watch dramatically? In today's market, it shows up so. However, how economical is this?

Further, the honorable man who purchased the Antiquorum watch – is maybe he the sharpest person in the room, or the stupidest? By certain records, he got a bargain if indeed the solitary distinction between the watches was a re-lume. By others, he’s a blockhead, since will anybody even want his 6062 Stelline later on? With the way things are going in gathering at this moment, I’m honestly not certain. Such a premium, as we see here, is paid for mint, unique watches that everything is getting hammered to a point where anything sub-A+ quality is close to worthless. Alright, not really worthless, but rather an intense sell. Is the “quality” of a watch so significant that it can take a 315,000 SFr watch and make it a 1.2m SFr watch? In the present market, unquestionably. My dread for this is that it probably won’t be practical. Was the Philllips watch truly worth Multiple times that of the Antiquorum watch? Pay for the best quality always, yet I think we need to consider how far a value premium to go when you have two very much like watches, even in as a matter of fact diverse condition.

I will write more on this extraordinary difference between mint watches and well, everything else, in the coming weeks and months since it’s something that captivates me, and alarms me. I ask you, our perusers, who do you think improved the purchase – the courteous fellow who paid 315K SFr for a pink gold 6062 PM of the November eighth, or the one who paid 1.26m SFr for a pink gold 6062 PM of November 8th?

I ask you, our perusers, who do you think improved the purchase – the honorable man who paid 315K SFr for a pink gold 6062 PM of the November eighth, or the one who paid 1.26m SFr for a pink gold 6062 PM of November 8th?

I desire to have an insightful, connecting with discussion on this below in the comments. I really anticipate hearing your thoughts.