Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive Hands-On

Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive Hands-On

Ulysse Nardin sure realizes how to go charmingly over the edge with plan. The makers of the Freak frequently combine forceful styling with upscale horology in their differed assortment of game and dress watches. As of late, UN have likewise extended their determination of diver’s watches with their Marine Diver , vintage-styled Diver Le Locle , and Diver Chronograph Artemis Racing . With an end goal to additionally grow their assortment of thickly named diver’s watches, Ulysse Nardin just delivered the monotonously named Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive Hammerhead Shark Limited Edition, a 46mm, in-house type fueled diver’s watch with 1,000m of water opposition. Here, we’ll go active with the new watch to see if it’s more qualified to use as a dive clock or a boat anchor.

All pictures by David Bredan

Starting with the case, the Diver Deep Dive is housed in a 46mm wide square which is created in titanium to hold the general load down to adequate levels. At nine, the Diver Deep Dive has an absolutely superfluous yet cool “programmed, screw-on decompression valve system,” which is Ulysse Nardin’s language for a helium discharge valve. This little screw-on connection additionally has a slim, red elastic ring right external its “He” marked focus. While I will not dive excessively deep into it here, a helium discharge valve is a route for helium gas to escape from inside a watch as its wearer, an expert immersion diver, is decompressed from working profundities inside an immersion framework. In case you’re not one of those individuals, and you in all likelihood aren’t, this little valve does you definitely no decent other than looking cool – as I would contend it does here.

At two o’clock, an enormous screw down crown, additionally brandishing a red elastic ring, sits underneath a proportionately huge overlap over crown monitor in a style suggestive of the Luminor from  Panerai . The crown watch is engraved with “1000M” in red on its forward looking surface and furthermore embellished with a little hammerhead shark theme on its side. At the opposite finish of the crown watch, an engraved restricted version number, likewise in red, is uncovered. A wide, titanium, unidirectional diver’s bezel, somewhat covered with wave designed elastic, guides in the plunging instrument contention and is deeply machined at its circuit for grasp. Maybe my #1 part of the case is really the screw-down case-back, which is engraved with a head visible of a hammerhead shark, a visual subject which, as I’ve referenced, rehashes itself all through the watch.

Our troops from the beginning SIHH (in particular David, who took these pictures and dealt with the watch) announced back on the Diver Deep Dive having an incredibly terrible name, yet in addition some very, very sharp edges on its case. A few edges of the bezel and especially the crown monitor had what felt like crude, machined edges as sharp as the CNC would leave them. In spite of the fact that an extravagance watch, as we would like to think, ought not have any sharp edges like these anyplace, here they were to be felt noticeably on a scope of edges. We wouldn’t call it risky – yet we sure wouldn’t need that sharp edged crown watch get on a cowhide pack or coat. This is one territory UN ought to by all methods fine tune.

The Ulysse Nardin’s naval force blue dial is decorated with 15 (I checked them) three dimensional profiles of hammerhead sharks. Enormous, applied brilliant hour markers and skeletonized hands keep the diver’s watch topic alive while a huge, askew, little seconds sub-dial, likewise embellished with its own hammerhead, tracks the seconds in the five o’clock position by methods for a minuscule, red lumed hand. A round, dark on-white date window is additionally painstakingly gotten into the three o’clock spot. This dial, while I actually need to call it occupied, is really not frightfully jumbled, and it works effectively at keeping the dive watch-apparatus watch vibe solid – and not simply with the sharks.

Having an unmistakable, neat dial is key for a diver’s watch, and the Diver Deep Dive hopes to convey in that division, a fundamental for a diver to know if his watch is running while lowered. Be that as it may, giving the extraordinary probability this watch won’t ever be deeper than the lower part of a rich pool, it’s very little of an issue. I can particularly value the three-dimensionality, all things considered, with the applied markers that stretch over the dial, or the scaffold that conveys the – mind you, pleasantly executed – Ulysse Nardin logo. The “Hammerhead shark” text is only totally amusing – like it was to fill in as an update so its wearer can determine what those animals are on his watch, when asked at the bar.

Straps are additionally key for dive watches, and the Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive Hammerhead Shark Limited Edition is intended to meet the briny profundities on a coordinating blue elastic tie with two inset titanium pieces, one close to each haul. The titanium detail on the twelve o’clock side of the case is engraved with the creator’s name while the six o’clock titanium piece peruses “Restricted Edition.” A marked deployant fasten balances the lash, which is very much coordinated in general to the vibe of the watch. The tie is to be sliced to measure which isn’t what we’d like, however the facts confirm that once you get a lash like this down to fit, they will in general be more comfortable than those that have the overabundance length floundering around.

In keeping with Ulysse Nardin’s propensity in a years ago to incorporate assembling developments in their watches, the Diver Deep Dive includes the UN-320 type, a silicium twisting and anchor escapement-prepared, absolutely in-house imagined and produced development with 48 hours of force hold. Ulysse Nardin see the 320 as something of a do it all programmed alternative given the UN-320’s incorporation in a significant number of UN’s contributions in this value classification. While the development which keeps a diver’s watch going is by and large of little significance to genuine divers as long as it works, the incorporation of an in-house made type in the Diver Deep Dive shows UN’s yearning for autonomy and a reliably high regard is taking shape.

While the Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive Hammerhead Shark is a ton to take a gander at first, I have come to value the styling for its proud adherence to the outrageous looks we have come to anticipate from UN. While it will not be for everybody, it’s ideal to see a brand truly follow – and even overstate – the dive watch look as Ulysse Nardin have finished with the Diver Deep Dive. Obviously, it’s dubious an excessive number of real divers will take the Diver Deep Dive subsea, yet I have a sense of security in saying this watch isn’t basically made for them, however for those of us who adore and appreciate profoundly overbuilt watches. With an immediately conspicuous look and an in-house type as standard, the Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive Hammerhead Shark is a fascinating choice from Ulysse Nardin, accessible in a restricted arrangement of 300 pieces at a retail cost of $12,000. ulysse-nardin.com