Urwerk UR-111C Watch Hands-On

Urwerk UR-111C Watch Hands-On

This Urwerk UR-111C is the most recent watch from our most loved “optimistic futurist” Geneva-based brand. In their idealistic future, everybody can manage the cost of what could be compared to more than $100,000 per watch. I need to live in the Urwerk future. Some portion of that future remembers wearing such pleasantly completed bits of steel for smooth, yet specialized shapes like the UR-111C. I’ve nicknamed it the “baby cobra” on the grounds that it is the topical development to Urwerk’s past UR-CC1 King Cobra watch . Both offer a “linear” sign of time for the minutes constrained by a turning chamber behind a dial with a curved splendid green line on it.

Hands-on pictures by Ariel Adams

When Urwerk declared the UR-111C (appeared on aBlogtoWatch here) , they continued referencing how glad they were with the compact size. I need to say that this is among the most wearable Urwerk watches ever – despite the fact that I don’t truly think Urwerk is blameworthy of commonly making unwearable watches. Different brands are undeniably more liable of that. All things considered, the UR-111C is 42mm wide, by 46mm long, and 15mm thick. It appears to wear more modest than its measurements would some way or another suggest. Urwerk will make the watch in two restricted versions, the two of which are in steel. This is the naturally-completed steel while there is additionally a hazier gunmetal steel form of the UR-111C case as well.

In normal Urwerk design, the case fit and completing is incredible. Notwithstanding looking decent, the case parts have great resiliences and all fit together well overall. This is noteworthy given how custom all that should be and the rich variety of shapes, completions, and materials utilized everywhere on the UR-111C watch case and development. The back carry structure, notwithstanding, doesn’t articulate – despite the fact that it looks like it is intended to. At this cost, and with that plan, I’d like to see some haul explanation activity going on.

My other complaint about the watch is readability. There basically isn’t enough accentuation on demonstrating the hours as I would see it, and the side windows that show the hours on the left and the minutes (once more) on the correct utilize slender metal sheet applications within the sapphire precious stone to make the appearance of dials/markers. These components mirror a lot of light and make it difficult to see where your eye needs to go. You could most likely become acclimated to it, however it is a detail that I think could utilize some better refinement in future variants of the watch. Minutes are demonstrated twice. First utilizing the straight style pointer in the focal point of the case, and afterward again in turning drum-style on the correct flank of the watch. I recently thought the watch didn’t have luminant and afterward I understood I have ignored that this watch for sure has lume-painted numbers and markers. This incorporates both the forward looking markers just as the case top-mounted seconds pointer. The luminant is softly printed so it needs a ton of light to charge, however once it is completely lit up the UR-111C looks truly cool in the dark.

On the highest point of the UR-111C is a seconds marker, not at all like anything you have seen previously. This is likewise the first run through I’ve seen ulexite utilized in fine watchmaking. A few people may recall ulexite from when they were kids (it was regularly called TV rock or TV gem). Set over anything, it appeared to extend the picture under it on its surface. Two contradicting circles turn like stuff teeth under the ulexite and the visual outcome is quite cool. The view through the ulexite is justifiably “milky,” however it makes for a slick visual – and isn’t that the point? I felt like the showcase arrangement of the watch was altogether too much “style over substance” in the UR-111C. Other Urwerk watches have truly demonstrated that you don’t need two hands turning in a circle to viably and rapidly show the hours and minutes. The UR-111C is cool, and it is roused, yet it likewise doesn’t appear to help legitimize the impression that this is an instrument – even a dream apparatus. Other Urwerk models regularly feel like futuristic device watches – and we love them for that. This is more intended to intrigue and present some oddity. I’m not sure Urwerk is truly settling any intelligibility issues in this item. However, so, the watch has something reasonable of great saving graces.

The other genuine specialized stunt here is the manner by which you wind the watch – and this framework is really the most inventive thing about the watch. It simply makes one wonder, is nearly $150,000 worth a flawless winding encounter? The crown for the watch is really a wide roller, which exists on the highest point of the steel case. You press your finger on it pushing back rearward of the case to wind it. At the point when you pull out the switch on the correct side of the case the roller-crown goes into the time-setting mode. It is adorable how “set time” is imprinted in little letters on the metal switch. As I would see it, be that as it may, all that’s needed is altogether too much force to turn the roller to wind the watch. It actually functions as a great squirm gadget, yet I figure the winding cycle would have been substantially more fulfilling from a material point of view in the event that it was at any rate 20% or so simpler to turn. Equipping arrangements within the case might have accomplished this. It would have decreased winding productivity, however the watch development is a programmed at any rate – so isn’t the material experience a touch more significant in an item, for example, this?

In our above-connected introduction article on the Urwerk UR-111C, Zen Love works effectively discussing a greater amount of the specialized components of the UR-111C, for example, insights concerning the development and how the watch is made. This involved audit of the Urwerk UR-111C is more about how it feels and capacities as a watch. I’m wearing it while I compose this and I am dazzled by its wearing comfort and style, yet there are in excess of a couple of things I might want Urwerk to do another way the second time around. My last joke about the UR-111C is that the caseback is comparatively disappointing for a Urwerk. No windows, no complications, no fascinating plan. For a brand so notable for a gigantic degree of specifying and plan everywhere on their watches, the UR-111C caseback is by all accounts an examination in moderation. It makes them contrast cleaned lines which converge with the lines on the top-side of the case, yet I wonder who else feels that the UR-111C caseback is somewhat of a botched chance. What, no turbines?

Urwerk places the UR-111C on a brand-standard dark tightening crocodile lash, which is rich smooth and comfortable. It makes for a decent look, however I additionally feel that this watch would have truly profited by a custom wristband. That isn’t likely, yet Urwerk has done wristbands previously, and they may do it once more. Generally speaking the Urwerk UC-111C will progress nicely and is a wonderful new individual from the brand’s bigger item family. It isn’t, be that as it may, a moment exemplary and it isn’t my #1 Urwerk. I figure much more could be said of it from an offer point of view, yet it isn’t especially modest all things considered. Coming in at a large portion of the cost would have made this a significant commodity for gatherers this year. Despite the fact that at a retail cost of 130,000 CHF, the Urwerk UR-111C will stay a renowned wrist-worn whirly gig for the well off and horologically-slanted. Urwerk will make the UR-111C as a restricted release of 25 pieces (each) in the two distinctive steel wraps up. Learn more at Urwerk here .