Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Collection Hands-On :D

Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Collection Hands-On

Do you understand what the new-for-2018 Vacheron Constantin FiftySix collection depends on? Come on, have an informed theory! Nothing? Anything? Indeed, it is the “modern translation of the iconic reference 6073, dispatched in 1956 and propelled by the Maltese cross.” Good thing I previously took my pills recommended for the apprehensive jerk I had as of late created for the i-word.

Now, first of all, I realize I have gone on a tirade about the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris here , yet it is just now, weeks after I have composed this draft while coming back for another look that I understand the likeness between the two watches, just as my response to them – this, I assume, basically couldn’t have occurred to me during the astoundingly bustling a long time during and after SIHH. Presently, this being said, as we will see beneath, the two watches especially have a place with a similar pattern, however one (this one) puts forth a prominently better attempt at it… And with that, let us currently find the numerous shades of vintage laziness.

All involved pictures by David Bredan

Iconic, notable, famous, notorious, iconic

With a touch of help from Wikipedia, I figure I could practically give you a 24,753-thing not insignificant rundown of things more notable than a watch that, I suspect, an impressive level of worldwide Vacheron Constantin staff couldn’t pick from a gathering of five other 1950s Vacheron dress watches. Call it verifiable or call it unique, yet the 6073 isn’t a symbol of much anything. Symbols by definition you have either seen previously (and recall), or possibly have seen their impact on numerous other contemporary things that have been enlivened by it. At the end of the day, a symbol ought to some way or another be pertinent today and it ought to be important for in any event the aloof information base of the majority. Presently, you reveal to me the number of you have considered the 6073 in the last number of decades.

In its authority communcation about the FiftySix collection, Vacheron Constantin comes up short – doesn’t even attempt – to clarify what the 6073 has meant for watches that came during its time or after it. Indeed, the 6073 is by all methods a flawless looking dress watch, yet I profoundly question the total dominant part of watch darlings have looked for it previously or utilized it as a perspective. I decided to not add an image of it here, since, in such a case that it’s that notable, I’m sure every one of you understand what it resembles. In spite of the fact that I am surely no expert on this point, I consider most us will concur that the Royal Oak is a symbol, the DW-5000 G-Shock is a symbol, or maybe the iPhone or the Porsche 911. A generally failed to remember and indeed not in any manner exceptionally gathered 1950s Vacheron Constantin dress watch is not.

A hip exposure photograph from the brand.

Vacheron Constantin stays sure about the FiftySix collection and depicts it as “Design and situating [being] on top of the current assumptions for Fine Watchmaking connoisseurs.” Oh, alright at that point. I had my questions, however this completely persuaded me in any case. Clearly what we need is the confounded look of stirred up lists and sub-dials that are simply excessively near one another. Truly, these surely rank high on the pail rundown of “Must-have watch plan components in 2018” for each Fine Watchmaking Connoisseur. Yet, pause, there’s more.

“For the first run through in quite a while history, the Maison has chosen to bring to the table an exemplary collection both in gold and in steel, while treating the last material with similar high tasteful norms as the valuable metal. To act as an illustration of this, see the utilization of white gold hands and appliqués on the steel renditions of the FIFTYSIX®.”

So, after nearly 46 years of absolute contempt, the modest, humble tempered steel – a material gladly utilized in other moronic costly extravagance watches since 1972 – will appreciate the warm, welcoming hug of “the Maison” in an exemplary collection, no less. White gold hands and appliqués, as on any Rolex watch at any value point in ongoing memory, just as a without a doubt delightful, 22k gold programmed rotor discover their ways into the passage level Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Self-Winding Steel, competitively estimated at $11,700 – not simply into its pink gold prevalent, that costs a positively less plebeian $19,400.

Sure, this fits the picture of the brand conveniently. Vacheron Constantin’s strong point is being a definitive place of refuge for a specific sort of clientele. Past offering to the individuals who really like their watches, one gets the possibility that it likewise pulls in such a chap who earns substantial sums of money however doesn’t yet have a particular individual taste nor/or the certainty to wear something he found he enjoys. Consequently, until this changes, his concern is to have the option to protect his buy and to be consoled by it, so when he’s inquired as to why he purchased his Vacheron Constantin – not that most common Vacheron Constantins could be viewed as hot friendly exchanges nowadays – he can simply play the legacy card, 1755 what not. Goodness, and furthermore 1956, don’t you try to fail to remember 1956… regardless of whether, abnormally, the watch doesn’t say FiftySix anyplace on it.

Now, Vacheron Constantin has made a stage forward, likewise with the FiftySix collection he at any rate will imagine he has a character. It’s called FiftySix – a particularly peculiar cool and hip method of composing 56, this self-assertive number – while the flawlessly applied, stirred up lists on the dial genuinely appear as though somebody at “the Maison” truly had the opportunity to get down to business that one day at work. Regardless of whether the subsequent cudgel Arabic numeral file design appears as though it has a place in a language school math book work out – “today we are learning even numbers up to twelve.” truly, I don’t discover it to be a reasonable look, some way or another. It isn’t exquisite, it isn’t fun, it’s simply a large portion of this and a large portion of that – like the watch made an effort not to overpower its wearer with all these confounding numbers somewhere in the range of 1 and 12. It looks peculiar on pictures and it doesn’t look any better on the wrist.

Now that we completely comprehend the notorious heritage and the specialist assumption meeting situating of the FiftySix, it is absolutely an ideal opportunity to begin taking a gander at its many, numerous subtleties. The fundamental test in this undertaking for the normal “Fine Watchmaking Connoisseur” lies in interpreting which components of this new collection follow from its notorious – but then in some way or another despicably failed to remember! – forebearer, and which ones are new.

The Positives

The FiftySix collection shows a profound running interest with the Maltese cross. Without a doubt, it is the logo of the brand and the – mind you, really invigorating looking and innovatively planned – drags were likewise roused by it however, the Maltese cross for Vacheron Constantin comes from a lesser known, rather more dark detail. The brand’s logo “is inspired by the state of a component some time ago found in mechanical developments. A little wheel associated with the barrel of the cover (sic., apparently they implied the front of the barrel) which made it conceivable to utilize the most steady part of the spring by managing its level of winding and loosening up, to improve the exactness of the watch.” Am I the only one who’d love to see this namesake include on these watches again?

Though I can’t very wind my brain to see the Maltese cross in the carries, it by and by is undeniably the neatest component shared by all pieces in the FiftySix collection. They essentially are as astonishing as possible get and if there’s one component where the FiftySix sparkles without reservation, it is here. In earlier years I continued inquiring as to whether it was really unimaginable for enormous brands to shape hauls into something more remarkable and exciting on their all the more competitively estimated pieces too. Ends up, Vacheron is finally indicating the way, in light of the fact that these truly are a portion of my #1 plans in a long, long time. All things considered, these intense, exquisite, one of a kind looking carries – and the general case plan itself – feature much more firmly the weak and uncertain dial design.

With three models coming in a sum of six variations – each is accessible either in 18k 5N pink gold or tempered steel – we are taking a gander at the Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Self-Winding (once more, $11,700-$19,400), FiftySix Day-Date ($17,400-$32,500), and FiftySix Complete Calendar ($21,600-$35,800).

Under $12k for a watch with Vacheron Constantin composed on it is an enticing recommendation without a doubt, regardless of whether things are never truly as clear for significant brands as picking an objective value reach and pressing an item into it. Vacheron presently offers various a few hand watches in the Patrimony and Traditionelle collections enveloped by white gold or platinum with costs going as far as possible up to $38,700 for a hand-wound (!) Patrimony in Pt950. That cost would permit you to purchase two of these FiftySix Self-Winding pieces, lose both, and purchase a third. Indeed, even a more essential, white gold Patrimony in 18k white gold (not offered in steel) is some 60% more costly than the FiftySix Self-Winding in steel.

The genius…

…The town idiot.

So what regularly occurs – with watches as well as for instance with extravagance vehicles also – is that the less expensive item is misleadingly diminished from significance. Without a doubt, some will really lean toward the boundaries of the less expensive item to those of the more costly (could be a taste thing or an inclination for some tech specs), however the previous will in any case have been “reduced” in some cognizant way. In this example, the dial on the FiftySix finds a way into to the scope of adjusted and exquisite dials in the Patrimony and Traditionelle lines a similar way a town nitwit finds a way into a group of geniuses.

I intended to talk positives, so let’s get back on that track now. The dial quality is to be sure very acceptable: the huge, sharp-cut, hand-applied files and the thick, perfect print are generally most welcome highlights on a top of the line watch. Vacheron has additionally ventured up their game in the sub-dial hand division – even a year prior we could in any case see ineffectively stepped and absolutely level sub-dial hands on Overseas and different watches. Presently they have considerably more volume to them, at long last looking like quality-made, 3D articles, as they generally ought to have been. The solitary ineffectively stepped hand stays the middle seconds hand – it’s only one huge, level piece… however hello, we’re getting there.

Overall wearability is extraordinary – once more, the case barely leaves anything to be wanted. All Vacheron Constantin FiftySix watches are 40mm wide – their thickness fluctuates from the 9.6mm of the Self-Winding to 11.6mm for both the Day-Date and Complete Calendar models. That’s a perfect method of not making 3, only 2 distinctive case sizes. The carries are fairly steeply calculated and take into account a tight reconciliation of the graceful, yet firm croc cowhide ties – a quality of good case plan and a formula for ideal wearing comfort.

Beyond the carries, the 22k gold rotor with a flawlessly open-worked Maltese cross is available on all models – certainly perhaps the most costly parts in the base valued Self-Winding, and it shows. A significant contrast not to be disregarded is simply the way that the Winding pieces – regardless material – don’t come with the Geneva Seal (or Hallmark of Geneva), that is held for the Day-Date and Complete Calendar models. It is essential to take note of that for various years at this point, the Geneva Seal has gone past managing the stylish subtleties of watch developments and stretched out to how likewise the whole watch head is done, just as to execution issues including precision, power save, and water opposition – however the last remaining parts a client disagreeable 30m. For all you require to think about the Geneva Seal, read our comprehensive article here .

Though the developments do look extraordinary from the back, their presentation is normal, best case scenario. Force hold goes from 40 to 48 hours – just the Self-Winding models arrive at two entire days. Some portion of this is likely because of the way that these have all the earmarks of being fairly old development developments – as you see above, they show up tiny even in a humble 40mm case. For 12, and particularly 20 thousand dollars or more, from a brand that calls itself “the Maison,” real development execution unmistakably isn’t something you’ll will brag about. Unattractive corrector pushers additionally stay a “iconic” a piece of these evidently endlessly refined extravagance watches – it’s 2018 and however indeed, oneself winding rotor is pleasant, these pushers from the 1950s, I surmise we could say, impartially aren’t. They show an absence of refinement and progression. Low force hold, not under any condition lavish corrector pushers, and 30m water obstruction shouldn’t be permitted in similar sentence as the words Vacheron and Constantin.


I surmise you could say I have a killjoy on these watches and you know what, I surmise you’d be correct. I would comprehend eagerness for this collection if this was a simple to-like watch, yet with that dial it isn’t – it’s way off the mark, not on pictures and not on the wrist by the same token. The cost is low on the most fundamental steel variation, yes – however we as a whole realize Vacheron would prefer that you purchased something nice for $7k-$10k more from different collections. To my eyes, this collection blurs when compared to the violently exquisite, yet still base level dress watches in the Patrimony and Traditionelle collections. I consider the To be line as a blend of firmly helpless dials and unremarkable performing developments wrapped into perhaps the best case the brand has ever constructed. Calling it notable and the brand “the Maison” doesn’t change these parts of the item, yet it will sure assist some with ignoring them.

The Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Self-Winding is evaluated at $11,700 in steel and $19,400 in 18k 5N pink gold, the FiftySix Day-Date is valued $17,400$32,500, and the FiftySix Complete Calendar costs $21,600$35,800.