Watch Spotting: At New York Men's Fashion Week 2016

There were in excess of a rare sorts of people who went Rolex, yet in a wide scope of watches. It was a long way from being an all-Sub or all-Daytona gathering, and some nonconformist out there even picked one of our top choices, a Milgauss.

While a ton of folks went the Rolex course, there was still a great deal of portrayal from both the vintage and current sides of the fence, going from IWC to Chopard, to Cartier, Omega, and LeCoultre.

But one obscure Fashion Week hero and toning it down would be ideal style expert gets an exceptional cap tip from HODINKEE for shaking as a matter of fact a Seiko SKX007, jump watch of plunge watches, on a calfskin tie. An honorable man who realizes you don’t need to be a Rockefeller to shake an incredible watch. Credit, sir; and as they used to say at NASA (and still accomplish as far as we might be aware) you’re a steely-peered toward rocket man.

All pics went for HODINKEE, on the run, by Brian Sacawa, originator of He Spoke Style. Look at his Men’s Fashion Week 2016 inclusion and other men’s style inclusion here.