Watch Spotting: Former President Barack Obama Seen Wearing A Rolex Cellini

Watch Spotting: Former President Barack Obama Seen Wearing A Rolex Cellini

President Obama wears a white gold Rolex Cellini at Toronto’s Invictus Games.

But we’re not talking Submariner or Daytona here, or in any event, pulling a definitive official move in wearing a “President” (Day-Date). Nay, previous President Obama is a Cellini man! He was spotted wearing the white gold time-just Rolex close by Prince Harry at Toronto’s Invictus games over the course of the end of the week, and my companion Jeff Stein has done some picture snatching to ensure we wouldn’t miss it. 

President’s Obama’s new watch is a Rolex Cellini reference 50509, which retails for $15,200.

The watch itself is a Rolex Cellini reference 50509, a 39mm white gold wristwatch with white dial. It retails for $15,200, making it by a wide margin the most costly watch Obama has been spotted wearing. Indeed, as Jeff Stein has composed, you could purchase his whole five-watch assortment of watches that he wore while President for about $800. We as a whole realized that ultimately Mr. Obama would be found in something somewhat more refined than his typical Jorg Gray – Jeff himself has since a long time ago placed that he could tell Obama was unquestionably a watch guy –and his popularity based archetype Bill Clinton broadly wore a Timex in office just to become notable as a genuine gatherer of Panerais, Zeniths, JLCs, and even Langes! 

We will be certain this watch gets added to our running rundown of Presidential watches and in the event that you’d prefer to peruse more about the Cellini 50509, click here .

( Hat-tip to Jeff Stein )