Watch Spotting: What Jeremy Irons And Ben Affleck Wore In Batman Vs. Superman

The explicit model is a rather aristocratic one: Breguet Tradition Fusee Tourbillon 7047PT (in platinum), which also has a rather aristocratic cost: $189,700. Not a bad decision as a form of defensive coloration for a person attempting to masquerade as a billionaire playboy philanthropist who might consider the idea of going out around evening time and beating villains half to death reprehensible.

Interestingly, Alfred the Butler (Alfred Pennyworth, as played by Jeremy Irons, in his first trip in the job) is also wearing a beautiful noticeable watch.

This one is harder – Breguet warned us about the La Tradition, and we sat around for a long time attempting to sort out what Alfred’s wearing. Agreement was that it was probably a Breitling, yet we were unable to uncover anything that appeared to be an exact match – the general configuration of the crown guards, shape and style of the watch, and so on appeared to be correct however. So we asked Breitling, and for reasons unknown, we were correct – it’s a Breitling for Bentley 6.75 Midnight Carbon Limited Edition.

We always feel like it’s almost more fun when you have to work a little to figure what a watch is. Presently in this case on the off chance that you consider the two characters and their daily lives, you could certainly make a case for either character wearing the watch they have on in the film – Alfred is somewhat more of a stretch however it is a Breitling for Bentley after all, and as this incarnation of Alfred is apparently significantly more second-in-command than tea-pouring flunkey, an extreme, all-black chronograph is definitely not an illogical choice.

You could, in any case, also make a case that the Breguet is a superior match for Alfred, who has always appeared (indeed, to me anyway) more cosmopolitan and intrinsically more sophisticated in his tastes than his customer. Similarly, for Bruce Wayne, an unmistakably attractive, outgoing extravagance watch with an easily understandable complication is arguably a more logical decision. The Breguet is a watch for somebody who understands watchmaking and cares about it, while the Breitling is more a watch for somebody who wants to make an immediate and unambiguous statement about their place on the planet, and about their dominant place in it as well.

Who knows – maybe Alfred and Bruce swapped watches, just to perceive how the other half lives.

Wonder Woman, the immortal Amazon warrior masquerading as enigmatic antiques dealer Diana Prince, wears BVLGARI however no watch, as far as we can tell.

And obviously, Superman doesn’t wear a watch (at least, not as Superman, however as Clark Kent, he may). Yet, he wears an angry articulation. A lot.

We’re all for our invulnerable demi-divine beings being municipal leaning, and wanting to be engaged with public help here at HODINKEE, yet when they start looking that angry maybe it’s an ideal opportunity to siphon the brakes. Anyway, no watch for Superman. Clark Kent should probably wear something cheap and merry and call it a day.

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