We've Curated A Crazy Sale Of Vintage Rolex Datejusts For Gilt, And They're Live Now!

So what and when is this Gilt deal? The HODINKEE x Gilt Vintage Rolex Sale highlights 30 hand-chose vintage Rolex Datejusts in a scope of materials and wraps up, including a yellow gold Datejust with an uncommon onyx dial, a treated steel Datejust with a silvered cloth dial, and an uncommon “Buckley” dial variation in steel as well. There are 1601s, 16014s, and 1603s in abundance, in addition a few Day-Dates and Oysterdates tossed in for great measure. You’ll additionally locate a modest bunch of HODINKEE ties and accomplices to go with your new (or old) vintage watch. 

As consistently, these watches have the HODINKEE blessing and come with a 30-day guarantee. The deal is live now and goes through next Thursday, October 13, at 9:00 PM ET.

Tomorrow morning, HODINKEE’s own Cara Barrett and Louis Westphalen will do a live transmission, responding to inquiries concerning the Rolex Datejust on Gilt’s Facebook page  at 10:00 AM ET. Try not to miss it!