What Are Kids Wearing These Days, A Watch Enthusiast Wonders (Totally Seriously)

What Are Kids Wearing These Days, A Watch Enthusiast Wonders (Totally Seriously)

Without an uncertainty, this is the question I get most when I meet somebody and attempt to clarify that indeed, I’m a watch writer, and yes it’s a regular work. For some time, it’s an inquiry that I feared in light of the fact that I realized that, unavoidably, my answer would be met with frustration. My energy for watches doesn’t have sentimental backstory. It doesn’t include acquiring a wonderful and uncommon hand-wound wristwatch. It doesn’t start with a mechanical wristwatch. Indeed, my first watch was a cheap and battery-fueled Flik Flak … no joke. Here’s the (marginally humiliating) verification.

The watch was a blessing from my folks, a prize which I had been guaranteed on the off chance that I got passing marks in my finish of-year school report, and I recollect it was a quite serious deal at the time since it stamped what felt like a significant accomplishment, and in light of the fact that it was my first adult toy. Obviously, it was anything but.

When Swatch dispatched Flik Flak in 1987, the company’s objective was to train small kids to figure out how to read a clock in a fun and fascinating manner, while giving guardians some genuine feelings of serenity in regards to the expense of that exercise. What’s more, it prevailing in its main goal. Flik and Flak – the names of the two characters that play the hour and moment hands – had a cordial quality and made it straightforward how simple showcases work. Flik, the kid, was blue and highlighted the blue moment markers, while Flak, the young lady, was red and highlighted the red hour markers.

Flik Flak watches were instructive devices, yet they were additionally fantastically cool. Everybody at my school needed one, which implied I needed one, and there were a lot of models to browse, which means you could communicate your character through your watch. I resigned my trusty Flik-Flak an incredibly, quite a while past (for an advanced Casio number cruncher watch), and I disregarded it up to this point, when for reasons unknown by any means, I wound up reasoning: “What are the cool children wearing on the wrist these days?”

Which completely caused me to feel old.

30 Years On, What Does Flik Flak Look Like Today?

Flik Flak is as yet pressing onward, thirty years after the principal models were delivered, however the watches have changed recognizably. Yet, the main advancement and the main turn of events, is very new. In 2013, Flik Flak presented plastic cases, which are a lot less expensive to produce. They end up being a little lighter on the wrist (however I don’t believe that is the reason Swatch jettisoned aluminum cases) yet they’re as yet intense. Each model goes through a month in Flik Flak’s quality control lab for concentrated testing before it is delivered, and each component is checked to ensure that it is 100% safe for youngsters.

Flik and Flak are as yet present in the current assortment, which is isolated into three age gatherings, for youngsters more than three, five, and seven (with costs somewhere in the range of $40 and 75$). The more costly models are significantly further developed as far as usefulness than the ones I recall. The more established children have sports watches roused by the genuine article, with bi-directional bezels, lumed hands, elastic ties and profundity appraisals up to 30 meters.

The watches are produced at ETA, one of the Swatch Group’s biggest watchmaking offices, and that is felt when dealing with the various components of the watch. It’s likewise why Flik Flak is comfortable contribution a long term worldwide guarantee on their item, which appear to be amazing for a plastic watch that is ensured a harsh life in the hands, and on the wrist, of a youngster. The bezel really turns easily and hits the detents freshly – and no, I’m not savaging you, I tried the watch (how should I not). I was really intrigued by the form nature of a watch with such a (generally) short future, on the grounds that regardless of whether the watch is solid, past a particular age, it simply isn’t cool to wear any longer. 

But the best Flik Flak watches are not, at this point the ones including the company’s brassy heroes. Today, genuine saints, in the sense they are celebrated legends, are gracing the dials of Swatch’s plastic watches. The company has permitting manages the absolute most sultry properties, adored by children and grown-ups who are still children on a fundamental level. The Spiderman, Batman, and Superman watches are very mainstream decisions today, and likely that is the thing that I’d have picked, had they been around in the 90s.

Girls have a great deal of choices as well, with or without turning bezels, with or without female courageous women, and with or without counterfeit jewels – the assortment isn’t without its sexual orientation generalizations, it must be said. It’s a significant client base for Flik Flak, who disclosed to me the kid/young lady split is right now “decently equal.”

The (Very Thin) Competition

By now, Flik Flak has set up itself as the leader in the youngsters’ watch market, and the brand is the main that guardians consider when looking for their child’s first watch – however the competition is getting more grounded. Truly, kids are ruined for decision nowadays (there I go once more, sounding old). 

Honestly however, look for “kids’ watches” on Google and you’ll discover a watch for each child out there, including advanced watches, watches with Lego parts, and even savvy looks for the little ones. In any case, just one brand is really ready to compete on the size of Flik Flak, and that is Timex – Casio has a Youth assortment focused on kids in their initial teenagers. Inquisitive to discover how their watches compared to current Flik Flaks, I requested one on Amazon. 

The watch I got the following day was one that has a major weakness going into a straight on with Flik Flak, in that it has no redeeming qualities to it in the method of sentimentality – and indeed, I do feel nostalgic about my youth watch, particularly in the wake of investing some energy with the more up to date models. 

The dial of the watch simply isn’t as fun; a few models have designs, yet those are kept to a base to guarantee the watch is not difficult to peruse. It’s additionally not a Swiss watch (a characteristic of Flik Flak watches I like to take cover behind when timidly protecting my first wristwatch). The Timex is fueled by a Japanese quartz development (not that a kid would mind, nor a parent notice the distinction) while different components are made in China. 

However, the instance of the watch is made of hard pitch, which feels like it would expand the watch’s endurance rate through grade school. Another significant positive is the flexible band it comes on, which can be changed at the clasp, and is tradable with different ties, incidentally a develop distraction for a youngster, and an infantile one that a lot of genuine gatherers appreciate later in their gathering lives. Start them youthful, they say.

I was shockingly persuaded by Timex’s more work of art, less adolescent plan, which is similarly as proper at 5 years old for what it’s worth at 10. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you got the watch bug early, Flik Flak watches are by a wide margin the most collectible due to the scope of various items. Likewise with most things outfitted towards youngsters, I speculate the decision of watch will eventually be theirs, yet I trust my survey of present day Flik Flak and Timex watches will give you a superior thought of what’s out there for your kids.

Through the consistent advancement of materials, effective permitting bargains, and the dispatch of an internet business stage – methodologies extravagance watch companies are likewise seeking after – Flik Flak has had the option to persistently develop the brand and expand on its fruitful establishment. Yet, the market it uncovered back in 1987 has pulled in new players and new plans for kids.

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the authority Flik Flak and Timex sites.