Women In Watches: A Tribute To International Women's Day

Women In Watches: A Tribute To International Women's Day

Clare Vincent, The Woman Who Kept The MET's Clocks Running

Clare Vincent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Clare Vincent is notable in horological circles. Ms. Vincent began her vocation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art route back in 1962 as a curatorial partner. She rose through the positions and in 1972 became partner guardian of the MET’s European watches. Ms. Vincent later regulated the whole assortment of European watches at the MET ( some of which you can see here ) and ensured that everything was all around kept up. Ms. Vincent as of late resigned, yet the timekeepers actually toll on account of her tirelessness, cautiousness, and love for all things horological. You can peruse the full article here . 

Daryn Schnipper, The Boss-Lady Who Sold the Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication – Twice

The Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication from Patek Philippe.

This story isn’t just verifiably critical, yet is actually huge for me also. The Henry Graves Jr. Patek Philippe Supercomplication was the most complicated watch at any point made, yet it likewise sold for a record-breaking price…twice! The first occasion when it sold for $11 million out of 1999, with the subsequent deal arriving at an astounding $24 million of every 2014. The individual behind the offer of this watch (the multiple times) was Daryn Schnipper , at present Chairman of the International Watch Division at Sotheby’s, and furthermore my previous chief (hello, Daryn). I had the pleasure of working intimately with her on the Supercomplication when it came available to be purchased for the second time in 2014. The watch was absolutely sensational, however Schnipper’s information was similarly noteworthy. You can watch the video on Ms. Schnipper’s involvement with the bartering room here . 

Lili von Baeyer, The Philadelphia Capitol 'Clock Whisperer'

Lili von Baeyer, Clockmaker.

Just as Clare Vincent kept the tickers alive at the MET, Lili von Baeyer keeps the clockmaking create fit as a fiddle in America. Subsequent to completing a one-year program with the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), Ms. von Baeyer started her vocation as a clockmaker. She generally keeps up more than 200 notable tickers at the Pennsylvania State Capitol (easygoing), and instructs her own clockmaking courses. The specialty of clockmaking is a perishing artistic expression and it gives us all here at HODINKEE to see somebody running after safeguarding it. You can peruse the full piece here . 

Fiona Kruger Breaks The Laws Of Watchmaking, One Skull At A Time

Fiona Kruger Celebration Skull Black.

If you haven’t seen one of Fiona Kruger’s watches yet, you’re passing up a major opportunity. Ms. Kruger is known for her skull-structure watches propelled by drawings of a seventeenth century skull watch that was once thought to have had a place with Mary Queen of Scots. They are cool, energetic, and amazingly unique in relation to anything you have seen. You can peruse more about Fiona Kruger here . 

Carole Forestier-Kasapi, Cartier Watchmaker Extraordinaire

Cartier Mysterious Double Tourbillon 9407 MC.

While we don’t have a particular article on Carole Forestier-Kasapi (more on that to come!), we do have huge loads of articles on watches that she has planned. Ms. Forestier-Kasapi is the head of Movement Design at Cartier and is behind the entirety of Cartier’s high complications, for example, the Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon 9407 MC  and the Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux . 

All in all, it is incredible to see ladies acquiring interest in watches and standing firm on such high-positioning footings in the business. And keeping in mind that this is anything but a complete show, it is positively a solid one. I desire to see more individuals on this rundown next year.